6 Android Apps to Help You Create Device Mockups for Your Screenshots

  • 6 Android Apps to Help You Create Device Mockups for Your Screenshots

On Android devices, screenshots offer a practical method of swiftly capturing information for preserving or sharing. And while it's customary to use screenshots in their current state, there is a method to make them more interesting by adding gadget mockups.

Device mockups are photographs of electronic devices using your screenshot in place of the screen. You may showcase apps, web pages, home screen layouts, and more using these mockups, which provide aesthetically pleasing designs. Let's take a look at the best Android applications for creating mockups of various devices to go along with your screenshots.

1. CreativeApp


When it comes to making mockups of different types of devices, CreativeApp is the best tool. It includes an excellent mockup creation function that enables you to capture specifics like the device notch, border size, and rounded corners to meet your reference, in addition to ensuring that all the most recent flagship device mockups are uploaded as soon as feasible.

This software contains hundreds of gadget templates, and the majority of models have several mockups to give your screenshots a dynamic feel. Additionally, CreativeApp includes a community where you may access other users' shared templates and share your own.

In order to be a complete mockup software, CreativeApp makes sure that every device from a mid-range to a flagship, including foldables, is supported. Expect to find both generic designs and popular gadget names like Samsung, Pixel, iPhone, OnePlus, and Nothing.

2. Snapmod


With more than 100 templates, Snapmod aims to provide you with among the simplest methods for producing gadget mockups from your screenshots. To frame a screenshot, simply download the mockup that corresponds to your device, select the desired screenshot, and save.

There's more, though. You can choose the backdrop colour you want to use, or you can allow the software automatically extract the primary colour and fill your screenshots with a Gaussian blur.

When you snap a screenshot without launching the app, Snapmod can automatically create mockups on supported devices. As soon as the gadget mockup is made, it can also help you remove the original screenshot. This programme enables you to create a template from scratch in the event that one is not available for your device.

Supported device brands include Google, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Apple, and Nokia.

3. InstaMocks


InstaMocks is a trusted screenshot mockup tool with more than 40 themes. This tool is great for app developers since it provides selected settings for making mockups for the Google Play Store and Apple tool Store. For instance, it offers a special feature that allows you to edit up to 10 screenshots simultaneously.

After that, you get lovely backdrop colour gradients and palettes, a built-in text editor, and the option to save projects. Additionally, you can apply ready-to-use effects like glare, shadow, and opacity, as well as rotate, align, resize, and move your device mockups to pixel accuracy.

Numerous models from Samsung, OnePlus, Google, and the iPhone are among those included in the templates.

4. Screenshot Maker & Editor App

Screenshot Maker & Editor App

The powerful tool Screenshot Maker & Editor App has editing features that give you more control on screenshot mockups. How so? Before exporting the finished image, you can create and add stickers, use filters, and insert text overlays.

While apps frequently provide full-screen mockups, the Screenshot Maker & Editor App provides templates to help frame particular screenshots. Although the software has good features, there are invasive adverts, and some mockups may need manual tweaking to fit.

Nevertheless, you have access to a wide range of templates, including those for the iPhone, as well as devices from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

5. Screenshot Framer

 Screenshot Framer

In a single tool, Screenshot Framer combines features for making 2D and 3D mockups. This programme is unique in that it supports screenshots from screens with unusual shapes, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and offers the ability to change the fold angle and add a punch hole.

Even better, you have the option to add reflections, apply a gradient colour to the background, and construct mockups using numerous screenshots. This programme also enables you to make mockups from films, albeit they can only be five or ten frames per second (FPS) GIFs. You can export your screenshots as videos and change the states at any time.

While there are not many device-specific templates available in Screenshot Framer, you can still select from options like basic, foldable, curved, and classic as well as specific Samsung and iPhone devices. There are also mockups of a laptop and a monitor.

6. Mockup3D


Mockup3D lets you design three-dimensional mockups of screenshots, as the name would imply. You have a variety of choices to customise them, including changing the mockup's size and location as well as the light's colour and direction to better match the 3D effect.

This programme allows you to add images, text, and colour overlays if desired in addition to the created mockup. Additionally, for a distinctive appearance, you can select a picture or colour for the mockup background.

Unfortunately, only a small number of device models, including several vintage Google Pixels, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as a generic sample, are supported by Mockup3D.

Make Screenshots Less Boring

It's simple to use device mockups with these popular apps to display your screenshots. You're in luck if you're seeking for a straightforward tool to add a frame to your screenshots or a robust programme that lets you completely customise your mockups.

Now you may select the programme that best suits your requirements and make screenshots that appear impressively professional.



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