Canva Video Suite, it is getting ready to stand out among video tools

  • Canva Video Suite, it is getting ready to stand out among video tools

The startup, which has been testing Video features on its platform for a while, officially released Canva Video Suite on Product Hunt yesterday. We have conveyed to you that the online design platform Canva received an investment of 200 million dollars in the investment tour led by T. Rowe Price. While Canva increases its valuation to $40 billion, it continues to embrace new areas of design. The startup, which has been testing Video features on its platform for a while, officially released Canva Video Suite on Product Hunt yesterday.

Designed as part of the Canva design platform, Canva Video Suite features editing, recording and collaboration features. The recording feature includes both screen sharing and recording yourself via the device camera. In the meantime, it is possible to use video tools, just like visual tools, on the web, desktop and mobile applications. Expanding its stocks in video and visual content, especially after purchasing Pexels and Pixabay, the company ensures that the video tool makes the most of this library. Ready-made templates, which made Canva a star among design tools, also show themselves in videos. Canva, which has been decorating static images with animations for a while, has now carried its animation features to Canva Video Suite. You can even add animations to text and images separately. In addition, we can say that the Canva library has recently made a serious development in animations, gifs, sounds, shapes and illustrations beyond visual and video. You can also use all the elements in Canva's video tool. The high interaction of short video formats such as Reels, especially in social networks, led social media managers to turn to video content tools. In this context, the thousands of customizable design templates that Canva offers create a great scope for social media managers working independently.

Which social media will speed up the processes?

Canva Video Suite accelerates your design processes with categories such as food, travel and health, as well as templates specific to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Let's see if the integration is successful in your opinion

Canva's drag-and-drop principle and its integration with many different application solutions, from background removal to product dressing, are among the prominent aspects of the platform. When these features meet with video editing, users have a solution to all their needs through a single tool. As a long-time Canva user, I admired the development of the platform. In recent years, the venture has developed itself beyond its design features in terms of collaboration features as well. You can use the product with team members, share your design with a single link, and collect feedback with comments added to designs. All these features can be easily used in videos as well.

What is the Canva company prioritizing us?

We can say that the company has also taken important steps in terms of social media management tools. You've been able to schedule your social media posts on Canva for a while. This feature puts Canva in a unique position for SMEs, boutique agencies and independent marketing professionals. The combination of all these features with a video tool makes Canva a one-stop shop for all content needs. Although Invideo is my favorite among video tools; Canva stands out in the pricing strategy created by the exchange rate difference. Because Canva is a platform that offers more than video at affordable prices. Still, I think the company still has a lot more to go in the video space.



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