How to Use the Android Phone Keyboard for Bing AI Chat

  • How to Use the Android Phone Keyboard for Bing AI Chat

Microsoft is really pushing their Bing AI chatbot. It has been incorporated by the business into the Skype, Bing, and now Microsoft SwiftKey for Android apps. But is it sufficient to convince you to abandon your preferred keyboard application, such as Gboard?

Let's look at how to use Bing's upgraded ChatGPT chat application on Android from within your keyboard.

Installing SwiftKey On An Android Device

To get started, install Microsoft SwiftKey Beta from Google Play. Yes, it must be the Beta version. As of April 2023, Bing AI chat is only available in SwiftKey Beta.

Next, open SwiftKey to set up the keyboard on your Android phone. Press Enable SwiftKey > Select SwiftKey > Finish up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions that appear.

How to Set Up SwiftKey On Your Android Device

Please be aware that you will be prompted to check in to your Microsoft account during setup. Although it is optional, you must complete this in order to use Bing Chat. And nevertheless, we strongly advise you to sign in if you choose to use SwiftKey the primary keyboard on your phone.

This is due to SwiftKey's own claim that the keyboard's acquired language data (i.e., the distinctive way you write to friends and family) may sync between your other devices and your Microsoft account. Additionally stored up here are your downloaded themes and stats (including frequently used emojis and even the topics you text about most frequently).

How to Use the Keyboard to Access Bing AI

When your on-screen keyboard displays, tap the Bing icon to open Bing AI. The symbol is located underneath the "GIF" symbol on the top left of the keyboard.

How to Access Bing AI From the Keyboard

Three sections will appear at the top of the keyboard:

  • Search
  • Tone
  • Chat

Bing Search is precisely what it says it is under the Search section. Your written message's tone is altered by the tone. Below is an illustration of that. But for the time being, we're simply interested in utilising SwiftKey to access Bing AI conversation, which you can do by clicking the conversation icon. Let's see how nicely that functions.

Let's check out Bing Chat on Android with SwiftKey.

Access Bing AI chat via Chat if you want to use the usual Bing AI chatbot experience to look for movie times or as a companion app for running an online Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Then, based on the type of response you want, decide on the conversational style. By tapping the microphone icon, you can speak your request out or type it in.

The Bing AI chatbot delivered on its promise to provide us with local movie times. Ask it more questions or submit more queries to learn more about the same topic. To start a brand-new chat about something entirely different, you can also press the "broom" icon.

Let’s Test Bing Chat in SwiftKey for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey Has Made Access to Bing AI Simpler

SwiftKey's integration with Bing AI may turn out to be Microsoft's brilliant move. When they have a question, who actually remembers to open Bing? Anyone?

However, the subtly eye-catching Bing emblem serves as a reminder that all it takes is one tap to enable Bing AI to swiftly create an email or respond to a query. Or even just to make you appear more energised when you're not. Consider experimenting with it because it's a tiny change that could have a major impact on your daily life.



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