iOS 14.5 Mobile App Developers

  • iOS 14.5 Mobile App Developers

Would you like to learn about the impact of iOS 14.5 on mobile app developers, marketers and digital marketing industry from Adjust CEO Paul Müller?

It has been about 4.5 months since the release of iOS 14.5 by apple developers and it is getting clearer. Adjust has been analyzing the data since the update was released to get a better picture of these systemic changes, so that all digital marketing and marketers, including software developers, provide clarity from this data. I share with you the status articles written by Paul Müller, one of Adjust's CEO and Co-Founder. The impact of iOS 14.5 is much wider than attribution, so we're working with the company's expected partner AppLovin to show how this release's updates impact ad targeting and revenue. We've reviewed some of the most discussed issues, including the approval mechanism and preferences of such situations, the impact on SKAdNetwork and advertising turnover, and we would like to provide you with more detailed information on this topic. We've drawn a picture of what kind of situation and impact they have with data received at AppLovin studios and passed on to us.

Detail data rates

In the case of Apple's new version update, it was revealed that after iOS 14.5, the applications were targeting their users. It had uncovered a request for permission from users so that it could be tracked on their websites and apps. In addition, it needs to get approval from the people who use the device. After the updated release of iOS 14.5, some articles suggested that users' global approval rates could be as low as 7%. However, we did data analysis that what we saw in the applications of the studios owned by AppLovin was actually better.

While such follow-up approval rates vary widely, we found that the results surpassed all average rates of initial estimates. Our theory about the wide infrastructure difference in the percentages claimed is that the initial reports are the total numbers of apps that explicitly request approval (applications that do not or even do not plan to add an approval flow between apps that require approval and apps that do not)..

What does SKAdNetwork do?

After the Apple company released iOS 14.5, we saw that it announced SKAdNetwork 2.0 to everyone around June 2020. Apple reacted by claiming that the accuracy of the company's attribution solution was not enough data and would not be adopted enough among publishers. From the first announcement of iOS 14 to this day, Apple has contributed to the development of related solutions.