New to Snapchat? 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • New to Snapchat? 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Sharing your life's story in short, 10-second clips with the world is a brilliant use of Snapchat. However, lurkers and those who use Snapchat only for enjoyment are aware of how difficult it can be to navigate the platform.

It has many features, however they aren't usually organised logically. Some of them are outright concealed by lengthy press and swipe actions. You'll have a better experience using Snapchat if you utilise these beginner's tips and tactics for watching or producing content.

1. Enable Ghost Mode

Enable Ghost Mode

As long as location services are enabled, Snapchat tracks your location every time you access the app. Your location is the only factor in several functions, such the geofilters. Additionally, Snapchat offers the Snap Map, a map view that displays nearby trending stories and your friends' locations. Only when stories are made public do they appear on the map.

You can activate Ghost Mode if you don't want your followers or friends to know where you are. To access the Map, tap the Pin icon in the lower left corner of the screen. After that, switch on Ghost Mode by tapping the Gear icon.

2. Create Group Chats

Create Group Chats

For your Snapchat snaps, you may make group chats. This makes it simple for you to share your photos with your closest pals.

After shooting a Snap, when you are on the Send To... page, press the People Plus button to the right of the search field. You may do this to make a group by giving it a name at the top and choosing the people you wish to be in it. The group may be found in the Chat area once it has been formed.

3. Create Stories With Your Friends

You should first comprehend what a social media story is if you are really new to Snapchat. Then, using the New Story tool, you can start making your own Snapchat tales. Similar to a group, but with the ability to name the tale and specify who can add to it for public viewing. This isn't your typical Snapchat story, where only you can upload and all of your friends can see it.

Select "New Story" from the Send To screen. Choose between Shared Story, where you and your chosen group can post, or Private Story, where only you can publish for a certain group to view. Next, give the narrative a title and decide which friends can view or contribute to it.

After finishing customizing, select Create Story.

Look into what Snapchat's "Our Story" is.

4. Make Snaps Available for Over 10 Seconds

Make Snaps Available for Over 10 Seconds

Tap the Timer button after taking the picture. Most likely, the timer will display 10 or 3. When you see the infinity icon, tap it and slide down to reveal it. Your snap won't vanish if you activate this; it will be visible for an extended period of time.

5. Create a Bitmoji

Emojis are so dated now. Utilising Bitmoji stickers and creating your own Bitmoji avatars is one of the truly entertaining things you can do on Snapchat. Your Bitmoji can be created in one of two ways. One is to build it using the Bitmoji app, which can be downloaded. Next, tap the Bitmoji symbol after swiping down from the camera view. You can now import and link your own Bitmoji stickers.

Create a Bitmoji

The alternative is to make your Bitmoji inside of Snapchat. To access your profile screen, press the Profile button at the top of the page. Then, tap Create My Avatar at the screen's top.

Tap the stickers icon in the editing view's top toolbar to add your Bitmoji to a snap. Your Bitmoji can be found below the section with your face on top. There are countless options available!



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