The 3 Best TikTok Alternatives to Try Instead

  • The 3 Best TikTok Alternatives to Try Instead

Not everyone favours the social network TikTok. After all, it has received harsh criticism for potential privacy concerns and has even been banned in a few of nations.

The following apps are alternatives to TikTok that will provide you with your daily fill of short videos whether you want to avoid all the drama or try a different one.

1. Triller


Triller was introduced in 2015, making it somewhat older than TikTok. The application is now TikTok's main rival because it has had so much time to grow its user base. The good news is that Triller will appeal to you right immediately if you prefer TikTok's user interface. You can easily watch popular videos on the app or browse the most recent content from the people you follow using its very comparable design.

Like TikTok, you can swipe through an infinite number of carefully picked short videos. You may anticipate seeing a variety of entertainment, including dancing, funny films, and charming pet movies in addition to in-app challenges.

Triller also has a sizable music collection with more than a million well-known tracks. Triller has a strong emphasis on music, as evidenced by its huge song library. Even well-known musicians like Rita Ora, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Justin Bieber have used Triller to make music videos.

Additionally, the app has over 100 filters to help you alter up your appearance and an algorithm that automatically edits your movies. Triller also offers a number of how-to tutorials to assist new users if they ever need assistance creating a video.

Triller is available on iOS and Android devices (free with in-app purchases).

2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

Although YouTube is still one of the top free video hosting services available, after seeing TikTok's popularity, the business decided to launch its own short-form video platform, YouTube Shorts.

There isn't a separate app for YouTube Shorts. Instead, open the YouTube app on your phone and tap the Shorts option at the bottom of the screen to view Shorts. You'll have immediate access to a huge selection of quick films.

Utilising YouTube Shorts has the benefit of the site already knowing what you enjoy watching. This implies that the stuff you see will be similar to what you often see on your YouTube feed. Starting off with YouTube Shorts is really simple, whether you want to view content or produce it.

It remains to be seen if YouTube Shorts can truly compete with TikTok, but in actuality, Shorts is one of the best TikTok alternatives you can attempt.

3. Likee


Another excellent TikTok substitute is Likee. Although it has a UI similar to TikTok, it offers a number of features that set it apart.

To start, Likee has a tonne of stickers, filters, and effects that you can use to edit your films however you like. Additionally, you can use its built-in face-swapping functionality, wear virtual makeup, change the colour of your hair on-screen, and transform into a comic book character.

The app places a strong emphasis on live content. You can take a break from watching pre-recorded quick videos by viewing videos on the Live page, which shows events as they are happening. Users can engage in side-by-side combat using the live stream feature, giving the live content an entertaining twist.

A recommendation algorithm is used by Likee to curate the material on your daily feed. The app may not have as many users as TikTok, but it still provides a wide selection of imaginative and entertaining films.

Download Likee (free with in-app purchases) for iOS and Android.



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