The 6 Best Pixel Art Apps for Android and iPhone

  • The 6 Best Pixel Art Apps for Android and iPhone

During the 80s, pixel workmanship wasn't simply a type of computerized craftsmanship, it was fundamental. Because low-powered hardware could only handle so many colors and pixels, asset artists needed to be creative in order to effectively communicate their ideas in the game.

However, since then, things have changed. You too can enter the world of pixel art, even if you're not sitting at your computer. An increasing number of artists are doing so. If you're looking for the best pixel art app, try the ones listed below for Android and iOS!

1. Pixilart


The mobile application Pixilart introduced what may be the most effective method for creating pixel art. Prior to Pixilart, pixel-art-specific apps would draw pixels on the canvas as soon as you touched the screen. This can be hard to control except if you're zoomed in truly far.

In Pixilart, however, tapping and dragging will only move your cursor around. It isn't until you stirred things up around town button that a pixel is put at the cursor's area on-screen (so you're probably must utilize both of your hands immediately).

Users were quickly drawn in by this new take on the standard drawing function, gradually developing into one of the largest online communities for pixel artists today.

It has an even simpler user interface and method for drawing pixel art since the redesign in 2023. With a fresh start, there's no apparent drawing pen on the material, simply place your finger where you need and begin drawing straight away. Additionally, there is a selection of pre-made color schemes from which to choose.

To share your artwork with other platform users, you must create an account. You don't have to sign up if you don't want to share your artwork. To begin making pixel art, all you need to do is open the app, tap the Draw button, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Since Pixilart is a community for people of all ages, you are not permitted to upload content that is considered to be adult. Swearing and spam filters are enabled by default, and all messages are visible to the public.

For those who want to use Pixilart on a computer or laptop, there is also an editor built into the browser.

2. Pixel Studio

Pixel Studio

Making pixel workmanship on cell phones and tablets was a fantasy that showed some major signs of life just quite a while back. One of the first apps for drawing pixels that made it possible was Pixel Studio. Over five million people have downloaded Farida Yarullina's pixel art editor, which has been translated into 25 languages.

Being one of the older apps on the market has advantages, such as having ample time to add additional features. Notwithstanding every one of the common instruments, Pixel Studio upholds layers, as well as a few picture and editable record types.

Additionally, animations are supported, and music can be added and downloaded in MP4 format directly within the app. Additionally, it is compatible with both the Apple Pencil and the Samsung S-Pen.

Assuming that you seriously love the versatile application, you'd be satisfied to know that it's likewise accessible for download as a work area application. With Google Drive, you can sync your artwork across different platforms. However, a few elements are just accessible for paid clients.

With Pixel Studio, getting started is simple. No registration is required; You can begin creating artwork as soon as you are taken to a blank canvas. Additionally, Pixel Studio provides links to video tutorials that provide comprehensive instructions on how to use the application to create digital art if you are unsure where to begin.

3. Dotpict


Dotpict is a social platform and app for pixel art that was likely developed by developers who are also pixel artists. Indeed, even the in-application interface highlights pixel text and symbols.

It's very similar to Pixilart in terms of how it works. It draws the same way, has everything you need, and has created its own family-friendly neighborhood. The editor supports animation and can handle up to three layers.

What separates Dotpict from the rest, be that as it may, is the autosave and time-slip by highlights. Autosave guarantees that regardless of whether the application were to crash for reasons unknown, you won't ever totally lose the craftsmanship that you were making. You can save a GIF animation of your pixelling process from start to finish if you activate the time-lapse function prior to drawing.

You can participate in pixel art competitions, share your artwork and color schemes, and interact with the work of other users by creating a Dotpict account.

4. Pixaki


For iPad users, this one is for you; Positive feedback points to Pixaki as one of the best apps for pixel art. It supports Apple Pencil, has a multi-touch interface, customizable palettes.

Animation, up to 50 layers, and the most common file types are all supported. The ability to export sprite sheets, also known as images, which display the sequence of each animated sprite frame in columns that can be changed, is a great feature for game developers.

With the help of Reference Layers, Pixaki makes it simple to turn a sketch into pixel art. Frequently, while resizing your portrayals to make pixel craftsmanship on top of them, you lose a significant part of the subtleties you initially had. Pixaki permits you to import any picture (or numerous pictures on the double) from your photograph library at full goal, resize it, and reposition it on the material.

The app's lite version, Pixaki 4 Intro, is free, but it only has a limited number of features. You can have three typical layers and one reference layer, as well as up to eight casings of liveliness and a greatest material size of 160×160.

In the interim, the full form of the application (Pixaki 4 Genius) allows you to have limitless layers, references, and movement outlines. You can also export to more advanced file formats, such as Photoshop's PSD, and have a canvas size of up to two megapixels.

5. Procreate


Procreate was created with the intention of maximizing the artistic potential of the iPad. Pixel art can also be made with this digital painting app, which is often compared to Adobe Photoshop.

With its long resume of highlights, almost certainly, you should dabble with the brush settings board. You'll need to guarantee you're just drawing with hard edges by one or the other switching off enemy of associating or restricting yourself to murky brushes.

Palette Capture is Procreate's most unique and useful feature for pixel artists. You can import an image from the Photos app rather than making your own color schemes. The colors in that image will be used to create a custom palette in Procreate.

In Procreate, there are three ways to make a color palette. However, if you need more color schemes, matches, and palettes, you can use specialized apps to find them.

Procreate also has a vast library of textured brushes, precise color controls, and stunning digital effects galore, despite the fact that these are not features that you will use frequently (or at all, really) for pixel art. The application is viable with the Apple Pencil and is a one-time buy.

One of the best iPad pixel art apps is Procreate, which has received favorable reviews. If you can draw well, you can even start selling your art online to make more money.

6. PixelMe


PixelMe is not quite the same as the wide range of various pixel workmanship applications on this rundown. Dissimilar to the past choices, this isn't an application you ought to introduce if you have any desire to physically draw pixel craftsmanship. Instead, if you're just a fan of pixel art and don't know how to draw, this is the app for you.

It assists you with changing over photographs into pixel workmanship with simply a tap of a button. From that point, you can change the produced pixel craftsmanship to suit your taste.

Which Pixel Art App Will You Choose?

Pixel art games have experienced a resurgence in the indie gaming industry, which may be in part attributable to the ease with which they can be created. While these pixel art apps only require a smartphone or tablet, some graphics programs require moderately powerful hardware for smooth operation.



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