The 7 Best Apps for Finding Freelance Remote Work

  • The 7 Best Apps for Finding Freelance Remote Work

There are several helpful smartphone applications available expressly for this reason if you're wanting to locate freelance remote assignments or gigs. These applications offer a channel for communicating with companies looking to recruit workers remotely.

So let's have a look at some of the top Android and iOS applications for remote freelancing.

1. Upwork for Freelancers

Upwork for Freelancers

One of the most well-known websites for seeking freelance work, Upwork (previously Elance and oDesk), has a large user base and a global presence. Through its Upwork for Freelancers app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, you may work on Upwork.

You may either do a fast search or browse the most recent job ads to find the positions advertised by clients. You may engage with clients using the app and submit project bids. Right from the app, you may submit your idea for a job application.

Its app also has a chat tool to aid in customer communication. Through this function, you may place calls and send attachments. To increase your chances of being hired, build up your Upwork profile using these guidelines before contacting the clients.

You may visit each client's profile to see their prior job evaluations and ratings when exploring the freelancing tasks and projects on the app. And after you establish yourself as a reputable independent contractor, you can even get direct work offers that you can accept or reject based on their viability. Additionally, Upwork offers a secure payment system, exceptional customer service, and a variety of cash withdrawal options for your convenience.

2. Freelancer


One of the largest platforms for independent contractors, Freelancer is similar to Upwork in size and provides a fantastic mobile app for customers. Here, you may search for a variety of employment.

Use the proper keyword while looking for a job, and then add filters to narrow down the results. Additionally, you may search for tasks based on topics like graphic design, content creation, site or app development, and more. Check out these sought-after freelancing abilities if you're unsure about your professional path to get more work.

Freelancer has a bidding function similar to Upwork, and you may create a proposal and submit it for a certain project. Additionally, you may communicate with customers on the site using its chat function to better understand their needs. And to top it all off, it offers a secure payment system that enables you to withdraw money securely via a variety of alternatives.

3. Fiverr


With a sizable user base, Fiverr is right there at the top of this market with Upwork and Freelancer. To discover freelancing gigs, as they're known on this network, you may utilise practically all of the online capabilities on the Fiverr app.

Buyer and seller modes are available on the app. You must activate seller mode in order to find freelance jobs. And to get a head start, look at these doable techniques to increase your Fiverr sales before you start posting gigs.

The freelance marketplace Fiverr differs significantly from the others. In essence, it serves as a marketplace for the exchange of freelancing services. In fact, a lot of other websites have included a Fiverr-like part where you can post a gig or an offer of your services, and prospective clients may get in touch with you to discuss the details or negotiate the price.

You may manage your current and previous orders using the app's order tab. Through this app, you may cancel an order, view the progress and remaining time for completion, and interact with the appropriate clients.

4. PeoplePerHour


Compared to the first three places on this list, PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform and marketplace that is a little less well-known. However, it's a fantastic programme that may assist you in finding high-caliber remote job in your field. In fact, your account can be suspended if you don't uphold its standards and objectives.

Through the Explore page, you may see fresh positions that clients have placed. You may also store the tasks for subsequent evaluation. Like Fiverr, there is also the ability to publish jobs or projects.

Your prior projects can be posted so that clients can see your work and evaluate your skills. Additionally, you may communicate with them via the app's chat function.

A well-designed financial area of PeoplePerHour enables you to handle payments and track their progress. In this area, you may also examine your paid and unpaid employment.

To help you save time looking, the app keeps you informed of the most popular job postings. Additionally, you receive all pertinent alerts on your phone, allowing you to keep informed about the status of your jobs and respond to clients immediately.

5. Kwork


Kwork has a rising user base and is a new freelancing marketplace. Although it offers an online version, you can choose to use its smartphone app exclusively.

You will easily get how Kwork operates if you have utilised Fiverr. You place an ad for your services, and prospective clients get in touch with you for further information before hiring you. In contrast to Fiverr, you could benefit from less competition, but the remuneration might also be smaller.

You may manage client contact by using Kwork's chat function. Over the conversation, you may send attachments like files, photos, and documents.

You may view your order list on the app as well. To categorise your orders into current, old, and cancelled, you may quickly apply filters.

6. 24Task For Freelancers

24Task For Freelancers

A combination of Upwork and Fiverr, 24Task also has a respectable mobile app. The programme makes posting jobs from your phone simple. You may also go through the job listings posted by buyers and submit your bids.

The suggested job postings are determined by your profile. This makes it easier for you to access work that pertains to your field. Additionally, the app allows you to interact with your clients.

You may choose your own working hours with 24Task. This keeps your life in balance and enables you to instruct your clients on how to interact effectively.

Once your job is done, you submit the work to start the payment process. 24Task has safety measures in place to ensure secure payments for both buyers and freelancers.

7. Toptal


The operation of Toptal differs somewhat from those of the other applications on this list. Toptal, the company's name, is an acronym for "top talent," so it makes sense that the admin team is quite selective in who it hires to work as a freelancer on their app and website.

Before you can eventually find work on this app, you must first apply as a freelancer and go past the screening procedure. Competition is fierce since the company says it only selects the top 3% of candidates.

However, if you do get through and join the Toptal team, the rewards are well worth the effort. The clients know they are getting to work with the best freelancers in the world, making it likely that they'd pay well for quality services.

Find Your Next Freelance Gig With These Apps

Complete your profile on whichever app you decide to use in order to increase your chances of getting the next remote freelancing employment. This makes it easier for companies to get to know you and your abilities.

You have the option of working full-time or on the side. It is one of the benefits of working for yourself. However, like with any job, the freelancing industry rewards effort and reliability with good pay.



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