Top 6 Phone Tracker Apps with GPS Tracking in 2023

  • Top 6 Phone Tracker Apps with GPS Tracking in 2023

Cell phone following is the most common way of following the area of a cell phone. By and large talking, there are various innovations and modules that comprise a mobile phone, and in view of that, there are various ways of focusing on a gadget and track and screen its area. You can, however, use a variety of cell phone trackers, which are available as apps and software, to simplify phone tracking because going the manual route isn't as simple.

What are phone tracker apps?

Telephone tracker applications are basically programming introduced on a gadget to follow its GPS area, calls, messages, and that's just the beginning. Parents frequently use these apps to monitor their children's movements and location. However, this is only one use for a phone tracker app; you can also use it to locate your lost or stolen device or to track your friends and family—the range of applications goes far beyond these use cases.

A phone tracking app, for instance, not only helps people with separation anxiety but also enables parents to monitor where their children are. Using GPS and WiFi tracking, you can monitor your child's mobile device and keep track of where they are at all times. People who are concerned about their loved ones being out on their own at night can also benefit from these apps. GPS following applications are likewise perfect for finding your portable assuming it is lost or taken.

You can get a wide range of features from real-time cell phone location tracking and history tracking to location tracking with GPS and Google Maps and phone number tracking, to name a few, depending on the software you use for cell phone tracking.

How do phone tracking apps work?

As a general rule, cell following administrations (applications and programming) normally use the GPS (Worldwide Situating Framework) to pinpoint the area of the objective gadget. They accomplish this by utilizing the various Earth-circling satellites and the GPS receiver on mobile phones to communicate with a few of these satellites. When an association is laid out, these applications can then sort out the distance to every one of the satellites and reason the telephone's (rough) area utilizing a cycle known as trilateration.

However much these telephone following administrations accomplish something beneficial and prove to be useful when you lose your cell phone or need to keep a tab on your child or a relative, they likewise delegate specific protection issues. Furthermore, in light of what part of the globe you are situated in, utilizing them on individuals without their assent makes you at fault for a serious offense.

Therefore, if you have been looking for mobile phone trackers and have tried searching for them on the app stores, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of such apps, we have compiled a list of some of the most effective phone tracker apps that can assist you with a variety of cell phone tracking requirements.

1. Glympse


Glympse is an easy-to-use, free real-time location tracking app that lets you see where your friends, family, and coworkers are right on your phone. This tracker app is available for Android and iOS devices and works with GPS and a data connection.

You can securely send a glympse to your contacts with the help of the app to let them know where you are. Individuals you share your areas with can then see your live area with a powerful guide on any web-empowered gadget without joining. Other than sharing your area (glympse), you can likewise demand somebody for their area on the application to follow their whereabouts. When you need to keep an eye on your child or find out where family members are, this feature is especially helpful.

2. Family Locator by Life360

 Family Locator by Life360

Life360's Family Finder is another well known telephone tracker application to assist you with remaining associated with your family and individuals that make a difference to you most. Although the app is free, it does display advertisements. However, you can remove them by making a single in-app purchase to continue using the app. In addition, the upgrade grants access to a slew of additional features, including SOS facility, unlimited place alerts, 24/7 roadside assistance, and more. Both Android and iPhone users can use Family Locator.

You can use this tracking app to stay in touch with your family and coordinate your trips to events and places with them. In addition, Family Locator lets you create private groups, or circles, with your friends, family, and other contacts so that you can always chat with them. This way, you can see where members of your circle are in real time and get real-time notifications when they arrive at or leave a location.

3. Family (GPS) Locator by Familonet

 Family (GPS) Locator by Familonet

Familonet is the source of another name with a similar moniker: Family (GPS) Locator. This phone tracker app, which is available for Android and iOS, promises to meet all of your needs regarding location tracking. To get started, you can download it for free, and if necessary, you can upgrade to get more features.

You can use Family Locator to stay in touch with your family and view their current location on a map. This GPS tracking app also lets you know when your family members arrive at or leave their daily (predetermined) destinations via push notifications. Additionally, Family Locator has a private chat feature that makes it simple to communicate with them over chat in situations where you need to connect with them. You also have the option to divide family members into multiple groups and keep track of their real-time locations if you intend to do so. This way, you can easily monitor more people at once while still communicating with them.

4. Find My

Find My

Previously known as Find my iPhone, the all-new Find My application on Mac gadgets permits you to find your missing iDevices (iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and so on.). Therefore, the app can be used to locate any of these devices if you lose them. Find My is free, but it only works with iPhones, which is obvious.

This mobile tracker app only requires access to your Apple (iCloud) account. After logging in, you'll be able to easily find your lost device, lock it remotely, play a sound to help you find it (if you think it's lost nearby), and display a message. Besides, whenever required, you can likewise delete every one of your information on the gadget from a distance. One of the striking elements of Find My is cell area history, which consequently monitors the areas that your lost gadget has been to — while it was in the lost mode — to assist you with distinguishing these areas and effectively find the telephone.

5. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid

Another find my phone app is Where's My Droid. Where's My Droid assists you in tracking and locating your lost Android devices in a manner that is comparable to Apple's Find My app for iPhones, which enables you to locate your lost iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other iDevices. This phone tracker app is pretty simple to use and gives you a detailed look at the location's coordinates, making it easier to find and get your phone from there.

In the event that you can't find your telephone, you can utilize Where's My Droid to go up the telephone's ringer from a distance and make it ring. thereby making it more likely that you will locate it. Likewise, assuming you lost your cell, the application permits you to lock your telephone from a distance and render it unusable to keep the looter from getting to all your significant information. In addition, if you need to, you can remotely wipe your Android device to delete all of its data and information.

With this reasonably priced phone tracker, you can track the location of your Android device for less than $1 per month. To begin your trial, download the GPS tracker app from Google Play.

6. mSpy


One of the most widely used phone tracking applications is mSpy. Due to features that enable parents to monitor their child's phone activity without their knowledge, it advertises itself as a parental control application rather than a spy app. This computer tracker app is available for macOS and Windows, as well as Android and iOS for mobile devices. In terms of functionality, you can use the app to access data from your browser, contacts, messages, and social apps like Facebook, Line, Telegram, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

These are The Solution for You

mSpy can be used to remotely control your child's device, access phone data, restrict calls and SMS, and block a wide range of websites and applications. In addition, you can view the app's keyboard input, email, and application logs. However, despite the fact that the software advertises itself as a child tracking software and provides (tracking and monitoring) features to assist parents in monitoring their children's activities, it is essential to consider how and who you use the software. For, doing it on somebody you don't be aware without their authorization can rapidly transform into an unlawful demonstration, which is the reason you ought to never utilize such applications on individuals without consent, nor would it be a good idea for you screen or track somebody's area without assent.



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