What is Bluesky, and how to get an invite

  • What is Bluesky, and how to get an invite

Even though controversy has dogged Twitter nearly from the beginning, it seems to have reached new heights under Elon Musk. Whatever your opinion on Twitter's present status, it's obvious that a lot of people are searching for new homes, and the young social media platform Bluesky has emerged as one of the leading candidates. To access the site's beta, though, you presently need an invite, and because there aren't many of them, they're quickly selling out among those who want access.

But what exactly is Bluesky, who created it, and how can you get your hands on an invite? Here’s an explainer of exactly what you can expect from the new Twitter clone, Bluesky.

What is Bluesky?

What is Bluesky?

Unless you follow tech news closely, you might not have come across the term "Bluesky" until a month ago. It was formed in 2019 from pieces of Twitter, but it wasn't until 2021 that it hired its first staff members and became a standalone business. In February 2023, it finally started attracting notice when it published an iOS app. Since then, it has been gradually gaining popularity as a possible Twitter substitute, and with the launch of an Android app in April 2023, it has begun to receive some serious attention.

However, what exactly is Bluesky? It's a brand-new social networking platform that is eerily similar to Twitter. Everything about following individuals, like their posts, and commenting on them is remarkably Twitter-like, even down to the app's user interface. Even sending "skeets" rather than tweets has become popular, despite CEO Jay Gruber's protests. However, if you dig a bit further, you'll discover additional differences.

The organisational structure of Bluesky is one of the key distinctions. Bluesky functions a little more like Mastodon, another Twitter alternative, than it does like Twitter, which has a central server where all postings are compiled. Like Mastodon, Bluesky is decentralised, which means it doesn't have a single command centre server. Instead, there are several distinct servers, each with its own curation and moderation standards. Although there is still an official Bluesky Social server that anybody can join, it is anticipated that users would develop their own networks, or "applications," as Bluesky puts it.

Sound perplexing? It isn't very complicated, but there are numerous reasons why Bluesky should keep this specific aspect under wraps for the time being. For many Mastodon newcomers, uncertainty about the server infrastructure might be a major barrier to entrance.

Thank goodness Bluesky makes it simple. Simply register for the Bluesky Social network if the thought of distinct applications and decentralised networks makes your head spin (you wouldn't be the only one).

Is Bluesky legit?

Bluesky is as real as they come, having been co-founded by Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter. It's interesting to note that Bluesky appears to be Dorsey's second attempt to nail the Twitter formula. Dorsey has commented about his regrets with regard to Twitter, which mostly revolve on the platform's centralization and the fact that it ultimately became a company at all.

With Bluesky, Dorsey believes social media is at its purest. He wants to return control to the people rather than have it be managed as a business with moderation principles. Although Bluesky will run its own server, there is a focus on user-run servers, which transfers authority from Bluesky as a business to independent moderation teams. This might be a wise move by Dorsey given Twitter's struggles with content filtering over the years, however there has been some historical pushback on that premise.

Bluesky is a respectable social network, that much is certain. But it just means you should approach it with the same level of trust you would typically approach social networks.

Is Bluesky owned by Twitter?

The easy answer is "no," but this narrative is more complicated than that. Bluesky was initially "spun out" of Twitter in 2019. A "spin-out" in business jargon is when a firm transfers some of its assets into a new one before launching and operating it as a separate corporate entity. While Bluesky may have started out as a part of Twitter, it has since completely broken away from its parent organisation.

Numerous more parallels exist between Twitter and Bluesky. As previously indicated, both the company's creator, Dorsey, and the previous CEO, Parag Agrawal, are participating. Even yet, Bluesky is wholly independent of Elon Musk's Twitter and unquestionably not a part of the latter.

Is Bluesky available for Android and iPhone?

Yes, there is currently a Bluesky app for both the iPhone and the Android. Bluesky is available on Google Play and Bluesky Social is available on the Apple App Store.

Keep in mind that an invite code, which is currently hard to come by, is required in order to sign up. If you don't mind waiting, you may download the app now, but bear in mind that Bluesky is still in the planning stages. Insider information points to a pretty simple Twitter clone that lacks common features like banning and direct messaging. Bluesky is now a highly popular product, but it's obvious that it's not yet ready for distribution.

How to get a Bluesky invite

You must physically join the queue if you want a Bluesky invite. Joining the queue and waiting for an invite to arrive in your email is the best approach to get entry to Bluesky. Visit the Bluesky beta page and submit your email address to join the waitlist.

Other methods of obtaining invite codes for the platform exist, but they won't be as simple as joining the queue and waiting. If you have a friend who is already a member of the platform, asking them to share their invite code with you can be an excellent approach to gain access. Sadly, this also implies that there is a thriving market for Bluesky.

We don't advise paying money to obtain a Bluesky code. There isn't anything to prohibit someone from collecting your money and not providing you with a code, or from providing you with a false or invalid code. For a social media network that will eventually be accessible to everyone, it is a risk that is probably not worth taking.



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