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With a very simple operation, you can prevent it from appearing even though you are online.

From time to time, you have experienced the following conversations; you were online why didn't you answer, you are online but you don't write. Let alone privacy, sometimes we want not to appear online just for the sake of comfort. Someone has sent a message, you enter WhatsApp to reply to someone, but the other person you do not reply may see that you are online and get offended.

How to WhatsApp Online Hide

To turn off appearing online in WhatsApp, go to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen and Online. Set Who can see my last seen info to “Nobody” then set who can see me online to “Same as Last Seen”. That is all. Now other users won't be able to see it when you're online.

If you do not share your last seen and online information on Whatsapp, you will not be able to see other users' last seen and online information.

WhatsApp briefly wanted it to be like this, so that those who do not hide that they are online can see each other, but those who want it to be seen that they are online should not see anyone. When you turn off appearing online, you will not be able to see if anyone else is online, so make your decision. Of course, you can turn online appearing back on at any time.

Whatsapp online hiding is done on iPhone brand phones as I explained above, but the process is the same on other phones, there is no difference. Whatsapp online hiding feature came with the last update, regardless of brand, if your phone does not have the options I mentioned in the WhatsApp application, update WhatsApp immediately.

If there is no WhatsApp online hide feature…

whatsapp online hide

If there is no option to hide online in WhatsApp settings despite updating, most likely Meta, the company of WhatsApp, has not yet released the update of the version of WhatsApp used on your phone, do not hurry, it will be updated soon.

Meta has always added the same features to each phone so that there is no superiority between the versions of this application on different phones.

In this article, I talked about how to hide whatsapp online. Thank you for visiting my blog, if you have anything to add, please write in the comments.



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