10 Things You'll Notice When Switching From iPhone to Android

  • 10 Things You'll Notice When Switching From iPhone to Android

You've read the reviews and articles and have finally decided to abandon your iPhone in favour of an Android device. You're eager to discover all that Android has to offer and try out all the glitzy features that people keep raving about.

Keep in mind, though, that Android has advantages and disadvantages of its own, just like the iPhone. You can use this guide to determine what you can reasonably anticipate while migrating to Android.

1. There Are More Affordable Options

Android phones are accessible at every price point, but iPhones typically start at $799, giving you more discretion over how much you spend on a new phone. Even though the iPhone SE series is more reasonably priced, it lacks behind similarly priced Android mid-range phones in terms of specs, features, and appearance.

2. Apple Services Are Hard to Let Go Of

You'll have a hard time letting go of the Apple apps you're used to using on the iPhone when you convert to Android, especially iMessage and FaceTime. It is considerably more difficult to do this if you have Apple services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and Apple Fitness+ on your subscription list.

Although you now have greater freedom, being a new Android user, you may find it disheartening since the Android ecosystem is a little disorganised and dispersed. This implies that you can't go to one spot for all of your technological needs, which is a huge inconvenience for consumers who aren't tech-savvy.

3. Android Has More Apps and Features

Android Has More Apps and Features

After moving to Android, you'll realise that there are many more functions and apps available than on iOS. This is so because Android phones prioritise capability and usefulness while iPhones (and Apple goods in general) prioritise simplicity and usability.

On Android, you'll discover functions you didn't even realise you needed. In reality, to set their goods from from other brands, manufacturers also add a unique "skin" to the Android OS.

For instance, Secure Folder, Modes and Routines, and Edge Panels are some of the coolest features on Samsung smartphones. Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Call Screen are features of Pixel phones. They are not available on other Android devices.

4. Android Phones Have More Ads and Bloatware

You'll regrettably find more bloatware programmes and system advertisements as you explore all the features and apps on your new Android phone. For heavier Android skins like Samsung's One UI or Xiaomi's MIUI, this is especially true.

While it's true that you can remove these pre-installed apps from your phone and disable system advertisements, having them there in the first place is a hassle you probably don't want to deal with.

5. Android Phones Charge Much Faster

Charger speeds are one area where iPhones have not advanced significantly in a very long time. iPhones are still limited to speeds under 30W, whereas Android manufacturers today offer insanely fast rates like 65W, 100W, or even higher. Accordingly, some Android phones may charge completely in about 30 minutes compared to an hour and a half for iPhones.

6. Connection With Windows Is Easy

Connection With Windows Is Easy<

If you now use a Microsoft Windows PC, switching to Android makes even more sense. Apple MacBooks and Android don't get along, which can disrupt your workflow and reduce productivity, as you presumably already know.

Thankfully, the Microsoft Phone Link app makes it simple to connect your Android phone and Windows PC. You may use it to access the applications and photographs from your phone on your computer, share files between the two devices, read and reply to messages, place and receive calls, and control notifications.

7. You Need to Create More Accounts

The additional accounts you need to handle on Android are a pain. You'll need to open a new account with the phone maker in addition to having a Google account. This is required (aside from if you're purchasing a Google Pixel phone) for backing up your data and using their Find My Device services.

Purchasing a Galaxy phone makes this situation worse because Samsung contracts Microsoft to handle some of its cloud storage needs for backing up your files, videos, and images. As a result, you will now require accounts with Google, Samsung, and Microsoft. It was a nightmare.

8. Bugs Take Longer to Get Fixed

Another issue with Android is that software faults are typically corrected more slowly than they are on iPhones. This is due to the fact that iOS is proprietary software, giving Apple exclusive control over the software that runs on iPhones, as opposed to Android, which is open source. This enables the business to identify bugs fast and release a patch to address them.

It's also more difficult to detect and repair bugs on Android phones since you have to determine whether the issue is with Android itself or the skin you've applied on top of it. Additionally, it explains why Android phone software updates generally take longer.

9. You Have More Control Over Your Phone

You Have More Control Over Your Phone

You'll note that Android gives you more control over your device in a number of different ways. For instance, there are additional customization options, multitasking tools, and storage management options available.

You'll also value Android's improved file management, the flexibility to utilise third-party launchers, the ability to force-quit apps and clean their cache as an ex-iPhone user.

10. There Are Fewer Accessories to Buy

Companies find it simpler to produce iPhone accessories like cases, stands, wireless chargers, vehicle mounts, and more because Apple only produces a few iPhone models per year and doesn't significantly alter the design with each generation.

In contrast, hundreds of Android phone models are released every year, making it difficult for businesses to keep track of them all, let alone create accessories for them.



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