Apple’s VR headset has no killer app

  • Apple’s VR headset has no killer app

The Reality Pro headset from Apple lacks a distinct purpose and a compelling reason to own one. According to information from his industry sources, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has issued the warning, which comes just a few weeks before Apple's highly anticipated smartphone is made available to the general public.

It's not all bad news, though, as Apple has been in this situation before with other devices that eventually succeeded. Whether the Cupertino company can make its mixed-reality headgear popular before the general public loses interest is the key question.

Apple VR

Apple hasn't been able to come up with a flagship feature to market its Reality Pro headset on, claims Gurman. The business will instead try "throwing everything but the kitchen sink at consumers."

As a result, the headgear will provide a wide range of unique capabilities for both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). A portal for watching sports and films in immersive settings, high-end gaming experiences, a focus on fitness and wellness (including a new Wellness app with meditation and calming sounds), and much more are all included in this. Thousands of third-party apps will be compatible with the headgear in addition to existing Apple apps that have been modified for it.

Gurman thinks Apple is hoping that users will be able to focus on the best offerings as a result of this "scattershot" strategy. This will give Apple the opportunity to better focus on what customers want and eliminate things they don't care about in future iterations of the headset.

Following the Apple Watch

Following the Apple Watch

This procedure is very similar to the one used by Apple in 2015 to introduce the first Apple Watch. In addition to fitness tracking, notification management, and timekeeping, the device offered a wide range of applications, such as an Apple TV remote control and an iPhone camera viewfinder.

As time went on, Apple shifted its attention away from the former features and towards the latter. Since the Watch represented a completely new product category for Apple, it appears that the corporation had little idea about what would appeal to buyers, and over time it tried to focus on only a few things. After some time, when Apple figured out what users wanted from the Watch, the product became a bestseller.

It appears that Apple is using a similar strategy with its Reality Pro headset. The danger is that there is very little leeway in its estimated $3,000 price tag. With claims of dismal sales only a few months after its release, the Meta Quest Pro may be considered a cautionary tale. Customers of Apple could not give the pricey Reality Pro a second opportunity if they are not instantly convinced of its value.

Too late to change course now

Too late to change course now

According to rumours, Apple is developing a less expensive successor to the Reality Pro that might provide buyers turned off by the Reality Pro's exorbitant pricing with an option. Gurman predicts that Apple will swiftly change the headset's price and hardware to maintain its allure and refocus it on the elements that users find most appealing.

For instance, the battery life of the Reality Pro is rumoured to be barely two hours due to the M2 chip and 4K screens in the headset. According to Gurman, the battery pack connects to the headset via a patented magnetic attachment and rests in the user's pocket. One method to enhance the Reality Pro is to increase its durability and include it into the headset rather than requiring an awkward cord.

There isn't much time left to shift course with just a few weeks to launch, so Apple will undoubtedly be hoping that its "scattershot" strategy comes off.



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