iPhone 15 Pro - 5 reasons why it'll beat the iPhone 14

  • iPhone 15 Pro - 5 reasons why it'll beat the iPhone 14

I purchased my first iPhone since 2009 in September. I chose the iPhone 14 Pro to replace my beloved but dated Samsung Galaxy S10e, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. And not just because the Samsung phone was an eyesore in bright yellow (which helps explain why it was better than half off on Black Friday).

However, it appears that I would have been even happier if I had been able to extend the life of my old phone by another year (a collision with a swimming pool ended that goal). This is due to the fact that the impending iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra devices appear to be a significant advancement beyond Apple's customary yearly incremental revisions.

A much faster chip

It's not unusual to receive a speedier processor in a new phone, but the A16, which runs the iPhone 14 Pro series, and the A17, which will run the iPhone 15 Pro and UItra, may be as different as night and day.

There are several causes for this. The first is that the A16 chipset was really an upgraded version of the A15. According to rumours, Apple was working on a much more ambitious project(opens in new tab), but it was ultimately scaled back because it would have generated too much heat and used too much battery power. It chose an alternative that just marginally improves upon the previous generation.

Given that the A17 Bionic will be Apple's first 3nm chipset, we may see advances equivalent to nearly two generations by 2023.

The iPhone 15 Pro may feature test results that aren't too dissimilar from Apple's M1 MacBooks, however you should treat any alleged benchmarks at this early stage with a huge grain of salt. Not to mention the increased efficiency that results from moving from 5nm to 3nm.

The arrival of USB-C

The arrival of USB-C

I've used Android phones for a very long time, so it stings a little that my iPhone could be the final one with a Lightning connector. Now that I have a house full of USB-C cords, I'm always searching for a Lightning lead.

For people switching from Android this year, it won't be an issue. It appears that every iPhone 15 will come with a USB-C connector for the first time, thanks to the European Union.

This not only allows your iPhone to exchange leads with devices like your Meta Quest 2 and Nintendo Switch, but it should also greatly enhance performance.

Not only may the present 27W charging speeds be substantially increased, but data transfer speeds are also expected to surge; the rumour is that the Pro and Ultra will each support 40GBps. However, we are concerned about the potential impact of USB-C on the price of iPhone chargers.

Proper long-distance photography at last

Proper long-distance photography at last

While iPhones are capable of taking excellent photos, their periscope lenses put them at a distinct disadvantage when compared to rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Xiaomi 12s Ultra when taking shots from a distance.

Our US Editor in Chief recently published an opinion piece on why the iPhone requires at least 10x optical zoom, arguing that current flagship iPhones are only capable of 3x optical zoom. However, a periscope camera, as is said to be included in the iPhone 15 Ultra, might drastically transform the way that things are done.

Simply said, a periscope lens makes additional space for zoom lenses by manipulating mirrors, improving the sharpness and aesthetics of long-distance photography. The end result is that, with this expected upgrade, an iPhone adopting the technology could easily take the top place on our ranking of the best camera phones.

A stronger, more comfortable build

A stronger, more comfortable build

A titanium exterior is another improvement that may be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Due to its strength and lightweight, titanium is preferred over the stainless steel currently utilised in iPhone construction over some of Apple's top Apple Watch models. It also helps that the phone will have a more expensive, striking appearance.

The iPhone 15 series is rumoured to feature a new, somewhat curvier appearance. Even though this is purely a matter of taste in terms of aesthetics, it might also make the new phones a little more comfortable to hold because there won't be as many jagged edges.

The ( Admittedly Unlikely ) return of TouchID

There has been talk for years that TouchID may come back, but this time it wouldn't be a physical button; instead, it would be under-screen fingerprint technology. It does seem improbable at this point (opens in new tab), and even if it seemed a foregone conclusion, I wouldn't believe it until I actually saw it.

However, the return of TouchID would unquestionably be cause for celebration. Additionally, the vision for 2023 is essentially still alive.

Don't get me wrong, Face ID is fantastic for a freelancer like myself who frequently has to check his banking app. But as the weather gets warmer, I've found that sunglasses interfere with this reliable authentication, so having my thumbprint as a backup would be nice.



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