More Google Pixel Fold Specs Leak

  • More Google Pixel Fold Specs Leak

We only just heard a leak that the Pixel Fold is slated to drop at Google I/O, and yet we’re already hearing more, including camera and screen specs. This new leak comes from Front Page Tech via 9to5Google and reveals what appear to be most of the specifications of Google’s upcoming foldable device. The good news is that it seems like a nice camera system will be bundled in there, along with high-resolution screens on the inside and outside. But seeing as this is merely a leak, we have no idea how anything performs yet.

The YouTube video, hosted by Jon Prosser, shares additional information about the Pixel Fold’s specifications that we didn’t already get from the CNBC leak this week. For instance, while we had heard that the Fold will have a 5.8-inch front display, it appears to be an FHD+ OLED display with a 17.4:9 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate. The inside display will supposedly also feature OLED and a 120Hz refresh rate, with a 6:5 aspect ratio. By comparison, Samsung’s Z Fold 4 is 6.2 inches on the outside with a 23.1:9 aspect ratio and a 21.6:18 aspect ratio on the inside. It’ll be interesting to see how Google’s work on the Android source code will handle the differences between these two particular setups. Samsung does run OneUI with its software tweaks for foldables, but Google’s made a huge to-do about stock Android’s scalability over the last few years.

We get a glimpse at the cameras, too. The Pixel Fold will seemingly have a 48-MP primary camera on the back with an f/1.7 aperture, OIS, and 82-degree field of view. There’s also appears to be a 10.8-MP ultrawide camera with a 12.1-degree field of view and lens correction and a 10.8-MP telephoto lens with up to 5x optical zoom and 20x Super Res Zoom.

I look forward to seeing how this performs alongside the rest of the Pixel family and if those algorithms will remain consistent across form factors. Cameras aren’t typically the main focus of folding smartphones—even Samsung’s Z Fold has a slightly different camera system than the Ultra series, for example, which is its marquee “everything we do best” phone.


There are more than just rear-facing cameras on the Pixel Fold. The leak says the front camera is a 9.5-MP sensor with an 84-degree field of view and fixed focus—here’s to hoping it’s better than what’s on the Pixel 7/7 Pro, because I have not been pleased with my selfies on those devices, as I have with Samsung’s corresponding camera systems.

There’s also an 8-MP camera on the inside for video chats. The inner camera on the Z Fold is disappointing, too, and Google has an opportunity to show what its algorithms can do in this particular instance. The camera specifications align with leaks that have been circulating since last September.

There are other tidbits in the video that we’ve seen floating around before, like how the Pixel Fold will use the Tensor G2 chip, the same processor inside the Piel 7/7 Pro lineup, and who knows, maybe even the Pixel 7a.

Don’t expect the Pixel Fold to be more affordable than Samsung’s offerings. The Fold will, it’s rumored, be priced at $1,800 and $1,920 for the 256GB and 512GB models, respectively. Google will likely throw in some incentives, like a free Pixel Watch, if you decide to pre-order on May 30. The device won’t start shipping until June 27.

Front Page Tech’s renders aren’t new. We saw them crop up in November when all we knew about the Pixel Fold was that it was codenamed “Project Passport” within Google HQ. Regardless, Google I/O 2023 is right around the corner, so we’ll find out about the folding Pixel smartphone soon enough.



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