Super 17: 17 features to look out for in iOS 17

  • Super 17: 17 features to look out for in iOS 17

Apple made various declarations at its Overall Designers Gathering, and keeping in mind that the advanced Vision Genius got a large portion of the consideration on the equipment, iOS 17 was maybe the star on the product front. Apple made a number of changes and new features for the upcoming iPhone operating system, some of which may even hint at what the next iPhone might offer.

Therefore, here are seventeen of iOS 17's most important features to keep an eye out for:

Journal – Record your life

iOS 17 will accompany a new application. Users can use a journal as a kind of digital diary to write down their thoughts and feelings, add audio notes, images, music, and more. You can mark events and occurrences and, most importantly, revisit them at a later time.

Based on the phone's images, music, and other data, Apple claims that "machine learning" will also suggest memorable moments for you. It's like a mindfulness version of the Notes app, and Apple has made sure that it looks and works well. Although it is for iOS 17, we cannot wait to use it on the iPad.

Apple Maps Offline – Navigate without network

Apple Maps started out badly, with routes that looked like they came from another world, but it has been getting better. Additionally, iOS 17 adds a new feature that many users will find useful: the capability to use maps and navigation even without network connectivity. iOS 17 will include an offline mode for Apple Maps. Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can use a variety of modes of transportation to get turn-by-turn navigation.

Check In – I got home, iPhone

Check In – I got home, iPhone

Although it may not have received the same amount of attention as other features, we considered this to be one of iOS 17's most significant additions. When you get home, Check in Safely automatically notifies a few friends and family members.

In addition, it will actually check on you to see if everything is okay if you are not home by a certain time. It may send specific contacts information about your location if you do not respond.

Visual look up – What did I just lift?

Visual look up – What did I just lift?

Do you recall the ability to "lift" a subject from a photograph and place them elsewhere—on a note, document, presentation, etc.? Well, iOS 17 gives it a new spin. You could now lift the subject at any point as well as quest for data about it right from the get down on menu.

There's something else - you can stop a video and afterward hit the data button to figure out more about the subject in the video.

Photo Stickers – Look, Mum, I am a sticker

Photo Stickers – Look, Mum, I am a sticker

By simply pressing down and lifting an object from a photograph, you can do more. Not only can you learn more about it, but if you've used a Live Photo, you can also turn it into a sticker or even a live sticker. To spice it up even more, you can add effects like Shiny, Puffy, and Comic!

StandBy – Charged up to be smarter

Through the StandBy feature, Apple has added smart display components to the iPhone. Simply place the iPhone in landscape or horizontal orientation and charge it. The whole iPhone show is then changed into a shrewd presentation that can show everything from the time (like a morning timer) to live scores to photos to Siri results.


It makes excellent use of the iPhone display and has a seriously cool appearance. We just wish it could be used without a charger, and we also wish it could be turned on when the phone is in landscape mode and locked.

NameDrop – Close contacts, literally


This feature has the potential to become as well-liked as the epic AirDrop. By simply bringing the two devices in close proximity to one another, you can use the contact information of another person—of course, someone with an iPhone—to swap it. This feature is included in iOS 17. You can pick the messages or telephone numbers you wish to share!

SharePlay – Share that screen with the near and/or dear

By bringing two iOS 17-based phones close together, you can share more than just contacts. By keeping your phones close, you can also play multiplayer games and share media like videos and music. SharePlay is much simpler on iOS 17 than before.

Swipe to reply – Right, that’s my reply

In iOS 17, a lot of changes were made to the Messages app. While some of the new features were very sophisticated, our favorite was a very simple one. In iOS 17, you can answer to a message by essentially swiping right on it. Yes, it's that easy.

Safari Profiles – For those with split personalities on browsers

Safari Profiles

Safari allows you to involve it in various modes in iOS 17. You will be able to create distinct profiles in Safari with distinct tab groups, bookmarks, history, cookies, and extensions thanks to the new iOS version.

You can switch between different profiles for work, hobbies, and other things. Therefore, you could have a profile for research, another for work, and a third for videos and shows, switching between them as needed. Quite cool!

Contact Posters – Put yourself in full screen mode

Contact Posters

You can now make a poster of yourself that other people can see when you call them. Therefore, when you call someone, they will not see the standard number and name combination but rather a full-screen poster that you created. You can use a picture or a memoji, and you can even use a font you like for any text.

The banner will be essential for your contact card (you set it up through the Contacts application), and Apple says it will be apparent at whatever point you attempt to contact another person: a small change that makes a big impression.

Live voicemail – Read while they talk

Live voicemail – Read while they talk

A rather cool feature is this one. You will now be able to view a transcript of the voicemail even as the caller is speaking it if you have your iPhone set to move incoming calls to voicemail. You can actually take the call if you think it's important. We don't use voicemail, but features like these might make us reconsider.

Audio message transcription – Speech to text is cool too

The transcription process is not limited to the voicemail alone. On the off chance that you get a voice note as a message, you can peruse its record. Very useful for times when you are too busy to read a message but too busy to listen, such as when you are in a movie or meeting.

Autocorrect underlining – See those automatic edits


When you use autocorrect on the iOS keyboard, one of the things that can be the most annoying is when words and phrases are replaced with ones that it thinks are more appropriate after you have typed them.

The hardest part is that you can't figure out what autocorrect has changed unless you go back and read what you wrote, which most of us don't do very often. You can see changes made by autocorrect in iOS 17 by temporarily highlighting them and having the option to change them back before moving on.

AutoFill PDFs – Fill the form, contacts

Filling out PDF forms will be simple in iOS 17. With traditional Apple security, a new autofill system will allow PDF forms to be filled out with Contacts information. While regarding the matter of PDFs, one will actually want to view and try and increase PDFs in the Notes application with iOS 17. Is Adobe to be worried? Again?

Sensitive Content Warning – Blurry eyed when needed

Sensitive Content Warning

Security and protection have been key USPs for iOS, and iOS 17 takes them to another level. When users are about to view what the operating system identifies as or deems to be ‘sensitive content,' they will now receive warnings.

In addition, before viewing sensitive photos and videos, users will have the option to blur the content. This is a very important feature considering the kind of content that is sent around these days.

Siri needs no Hey – On first name terms only

Apple's virtual assistant can now be summoned by simply saying its name in iOS 17. Apple recently removed the "Hey" from "Hey, Siri." Now all you have to do to get started is say "Siri."

Additionally, you don't have to activate Siri each time to give multiple instructions once it is activated!



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