The 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

  • The 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Antivirus software on smartphones has become a big business and problem in recent years. The Android operating system keeps you safe from malware and viruses and other unwanted programs. It is under ever-increasing threat; Protecting yourself and your close friends and family against these threats is more important than ever.

With so many antivirus programs and applications available and produced, it can be difficult for you to identify quality broadcasts from ineffective ones. In this article, we look at some of the best antivirus apps for Android to help you make an informed choice about your coverage. We plan to offer you the most reliable top 5 best antivirus apps for android.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

I'd like to tell you now about another Android antivirus app that really hit the top round in AV-Test's analysis, yes it is Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus.

It is a Paid Only application; Unfortunately, there is no free long version beyond the 14-day trial period. However, if you're willing to take out your wallet or spend money, it's probably the best paid option available.

In fact, in general, we find it useful to tell you about one of the most useful features of Bitdefender, which comes first for you in the top 5 antivirus applications. In the first place, it takes up little space in terms of battery life and device performance. Because if your antivirus package slows down your phone to the point that it is unusable and you will delete it, you will leave yourself exposed. In cases like this, there is actually no such risk in Bitdefender.

Some other features to consider include anti-theft such that you shouldn't be hacked (including a geo-locator), web protection, PIN-protected apps, and smart unlocking when on trusted Wi-Fi networks, but are you paying attention? Bitdefender includes support as part of your Wear OS smartwatch as part of the plan, provided your smartwatch has an android operating system, of course. Packages start at $20 per year, depending on the number of devices you need to protect as a package.

Download from market for detailed check:

(Free trial, subscription required).

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

In fact, Kaspersky, which we will present to you in the 2nd, is among the best-known antivirus applications for Android and is one of the well-known ones. Security application makers offer both a free and a paid version for you.

The free version offers all the essential protection you need, including antivirus protection, background check for viruses, spyware, ransomware, and Trojans, find my phone, and anti-theft tools. Fortunately, this app is ad-free, even in the free version, and we really missed the ad-free.

If you're happy with paying $50 or $60 a year, you also get access to anti-phishing features, a web filter, and an app lock tool. So 5 best antivirus apps for android for you the Premium Gold version also adds the ultimate in real-time threat detection instead of manual scanning and reliance.

Like Bitdefender and Avast, we'd like to say that AV-Test took an excellent 6/6 turn in its analysis to be able to go standalone.

Download Now:

(Free, available for subscription and free version).

3. Norton 360

Without readers of a certain age, they probably don't think they know much about any Norton product and would have an extremely poor perception. The company announced to the world that it has dominated the antivirus environment since the early 2000s. But their application was a terrible resource hog that could slow down even the most powerful or largest machines by a lot if a scan started.

Fortunately, such problems are now a distant memory; We think it's time to give Norton a second chance. Indeed, the company's holistic Android antivirus app—Norton 360—has earned its reputation as one of the fastest and most reliable apps on the market, and its developers write truly concise code.

Besides these, some of the best features are dark and deep web monitoring, pre-downloaded app scanner, Wi-Fi security alerts and web protection. These web guards or wi-fi guards are really a life saver for you. You also get a bank-grade encryption via the included VPN, password manager, smart firewalls, or 15GB of cloud backup storage available to protect data.

In fact, in general, we can say that the biggest disadvantage of Norton 360 is cost. You can try the app for free with a 14 or 15-day trial period. However, after that, you will have to pay $85 or $90 per year for a single device. Five appliances will cost you $100 a year, which is way too salty. This is the app that has a notable increase in price compared to some of the other apps we've reviewed.

Download the free trial version:

(Free trial requires subscription).


Actually, we can start this topic with an average application. AVG is a big player in the Android virus protection world. We couldn't figure out the reason for this. The company keeps it like a secret curtain. It offers one of the best free antivirus apps for Android as well as a powerful paid app and it's really meant to protect your phone. Let's make a joke here; maybe this company installed the android operating systems?

Under the hood, there really isn't much of a difference between Avast and AVG. Since Avast acquired AVG in 2016, they both use the same antivirus engine.

Avast's free tier, and broad infrastructure technology, has more features than its AVG equivalent, but also contains a lot more ads, in fact, we'd say great if it didn't. Features included in this free package include anti-theft functionality, app locks, a "camera trap" for phone thieves, and a highly advanced code snippet. It also includes scanning for malware.

If you upgrade this antivirus program to the generally $4 Monthly paid plan, you will also get ransomware protection, equivalent similar factors like anti-phishing, website browser, network security verification tool. Have no doubts as all of these will help you keep your Android device safe. We always offer you the best quality companies with affordable budgets.

Download Now:

(Free, subscription available, easily cancel from contact mail subscription).

5. Avira Antivirus

Avira, which we have prepared for you now, claims to be the best free antivirus app for Android. Is it really dead when we look at it? It includes a network scanner, identity protection and web protection all within the app. Impressively, you can also access free VPN, but the VPN has to be of good quality; this was a feature that almost all antivirus apps chose to limit to their paid tiers. We wanted to tell you.

Apart from its core malware protection, Avira antivirus has a performance booster, a memory optimization tool, and a storage optimization tool in its free tier or paid tier.

There is also a paid option that will cover all your devices, including Windows and Mac machines because they contain different operating systems. Just think about it, there is no doubt that in addition to the bulk content batch system and its Free features, you can get real-time malware detection, encrypted web browsing, many more key functions such as a password generator, and computer and mobile speed optimization tools. In fact, Prices start at $99 per year. We call it 100 dollars straight.

Download Now:

(Free, subscription available).

You Shouldn't Forget Google Play Protect So Why?

In fact, many commentators and analysts believe that it is unnecessary in Android antivirus applications, but do you think it is unnecessary? Certainly every single code snippet has leaks, being open source. While the modern Android operating system has many native security features, it contains viruses; this means that all of these applications may be unnecessary.

If you only use the Play Store and install "standard" apps, you're probably safe, but know that they have vulnerabilities. Google Play Protect, visit a google store and read app descriptions before you download. Without automatically performing a security check on apps in the Google Play Store, it can also scan your device for all malicious apps from other sources with instantaneous seconds and ping times. We definitely recommend you to choose the paid ones and at least you will be able to find a support team on the opposite side.



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