The 6 Best Privacy and Security Features in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

  • The 6 Best Privacy and Security Features in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

It should come as no surprise that Apple talked a lot about privacy-focused features during its WWDC keynote. Apple has always taken pride in providing its customers with the highest levels of privacy and security available.

The updates to iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, which were made public at WWDC 2023, are no exception. A brief overview of the best privacy and security features that will be available on your iPhone and Mac in 2023 is provided here.

1. Private Browsing Locks Windows While Inactive

Private Browsing Locks Windows While Inactive

Safari has had Private Browsing for years, and it is a good way to browse the web without leaving any traces behind. To enhance the practical benefits of Private Browsing, Apple has added a new feature to Safari: Private Browsing tabs on Safari will automatically lock themselves when left idle for a long time.

You can unlock the tab using Touch ID, Face ID, or your device passcode when you return to resume browsing. For those invested in the Apple ecosystem, this feature will be another reason to use Safari over other browsers.

2. Password Sharing Within Groups

Password Sharing Within Groups

With macOS Sonoma, you won't need third-party password managers to share passwords with your friends or family. Users can create a group where participants create and use a set of passwords together. All these passwords stay in sync, and group members can add new passwords to the group.

As expected, all these password-sharing transactions happen through iCloud Keychain, which ensures end-to-end encryption. A one-time verification system also makes it easy to auto-fill these passwords in Safari. And thanks to the Apple ecosystem integration, it's one of the best features of macOS Sonoma.

3. Sensitive Content Warning on Messages and AirDrop

Sensitive Content Warning on Messages and AirDrop

People today are more likely to receive sensitive content via AirDrop or messages. You can choose not to view it from macOS Sonoma and iOS 17 on. You will be prompted to view the content whenever you receive sensitive information via notification.

Apple claims that content detection takes place on the device, and this feature can be turned off. This implies that the substance you get isn't imparted to anybody. It's essential for the Correspondences Security include set that Apple has presented. Kids are also prevented from sending sensitive content by the sensitive content detection system.

4. Live Voicemail to Stay Away From Unknown Numbers

Live Voicemail to Stay Away From Unknown Numbers

At times, many of us are anxious and irritated by spam calls and unknown numbers. On the other hand, an upgrade to the iPhone's voicemail system is brought about by the Live Voicemail feature in iOS 17. Live Voicemail transcribes the speaker's words automatically. So, if the call seems important, you can answer it or leave it on voicemail.

Live Voicemail uses iOS's built-in spam protection on top of it. Along these lines, numbers perceived as spam won't come up in Live Voice message. In a similar vein, you can silence unknown callers; These calls will be handled by Live Voicemail, preventing them from ever ringing in the first place.

5. Check In for Effortless Location Sharing

Apple also introduced Check In, a feature that enables users to notify loved ones when they reach their intended location. If you go for a run, for instance, you can set up Check In to inform your parents that you have returned home. More importantly, in the event of an emergency, Check In can share some crucial user information.

For instance, if the user does not arrive at their destination on time, only a small number of contacts will be notified, and the information they receive will include the user's last iPhone use, the status of their cellular signal, and the level of the iPhone's battery. As a result, Check In can assist you in obtaining assistance in an emergency.

6. Lockdown Mode Protects Users From Mercenary Spyware

Lockdown Mode Protects Users From Mercenary Spyware

Spyware attacks targeting Apple devices have become increasingly common. In response, Apple has improved Lockdown Mode on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This enhanced Lockdown Mode takes better care of wireless communication defaults and content-sharing preferences.

In addition to these updates, Apple is bringing Lockdown Mode to watchOS. It's important to note, however, that enabling Lockdown Mode will significantly limit device functionality. Therefore, you should only turn on Lockdown Mode if you are certain that you are under attack.

Apple Further Bolsters Privacy and Security for Its Users

The privacy features introduced in macOS Sonoma and iOS 17 are practical and beneficial, as you can see. These features also integrate well with other devices like the Apple Watch.

Furthermore, iOS 17 includes many features that improve productivity and performance. So, you can expect great things from your iPhone when it gets the software update in the fall of 2023.



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