The 7 Best iOS 17 Features From WWDC 2023

  • The 7 Best iOS 17 Features From WWDC 2023

At WWDC 2023, Apple finally revealed everything that will be included in its subsequent version, iOS 17, following a significant overhaul of the Lock Screen in iOS 16. For the most part, the annual event was only accessible online, but developers and media outlets could participate offline.

Dissimilar to iOS 16, Apple didn't roll out huge improvements with iOS 17 yet kept things inconspicuous this time with steady enhancements. While Apple added many elements to iOS 17, here are probably the best ones worth checking out.

1. Redesigned Phone App With Contact Posters

 Redesigned Phone App With Contact Posters

Apple has extended the customizability of the Lock Screen from iOS 16 to other parts of the system, like the Phone app, in iOS 17. You now have the ability to customize how your contact card appears when you call other people with the new Contact Posters feature.

You can add your name in the font of your choice and upload a photo of yourself or a Memoji. It will be included in your contact card, making it simple to share with others using iOS 17's new sharing features.

2. Search Filters in Messages and More

Search Filters in Messages and More

With iOS 17, Apple has improved its Messages app after a long absence. Now you can use search filters to narrow down the results of your search. You can use the "messages in:" option, for instance, if you want to look for a message in a specific chat. filter.

Messages now has a few more features than just search filters: Check In and stickers. In addition, you can now swipe to reply to messages, switch between the top and bottom unread messages, read an audio message's transcription, and use an expandable menu to access iMessage apps.

3. AirDrop and NameDrop

AirDrop and NameDrop

Apple has made some improvements to AirDrop, which is one of the essential components of the amazing Apple ecosystem. By bringing your iPhones or Apple Watches closer together, you can now AirDrop between them.

NameDrop, another element that allows you to share your contact subtleties, additionally exploits this component. Using the same method, you can also quickly set up SharePlay activity. In conclusion, AirDrop allows you to move records over the web assuming the beneficiary leaves the AirDrop range, gave the beneficiary has endorsed into their iCloud account.

4. All-New Journal App

All-New Journal App

The brand-new Journal app is one of iOS 17's most notable additions. It lets you write down your thoughts so that you can practice gratification and remember the good times. Diary gathers generally your everyday exercises, for example, photographs, music, visited spots, and exercises, and packages them for you to ponder.

The app will show you what to write on the new entry page as soon as you open it. You can also set up notifications to remind you so you can develop a regular journaling routine. The Diary application isn't accessible yet, yet Apple intends to deliver it close by iOS 17 of every 2023.

5. StandBy


StandBy, a new way to look at information on your iPhone, is included in iOS 17. Whenever you put your iPhone on a remote charger sideways, your iPhone will initiate Reserve and allows you to look at that point, occasions, climate, gadgets, and more data.

StandBy also supports Live Activities, which is related to widgets. Because it lets StandBy adjust to low light, it works best on iPhones with an Always-On display. Another reason to buy a wireless iPhone charger is StandBy.

6. Interactive Widgets

Interactive Widgets

Widgets were first introduced by Apple in iOS 14, and other than the addition of widgets to the Lock Screen in iOS 16, there have been no significant changes to this feature. However, widgets get a much-needed update in iOS 17: making them more involved.

Without opening the app, you can now use widgets to do things like complete a to-do list, play/pause music, access Home controls, and more. You can do this with gadgets on Home Screen, Lock Screen, or when your iPhone is in Backup mode.

In iOS 17, interactive widgets will add yet another fun way to make widgets make your iPhone more active.

7. Autofill Verification Codes for Mail

Autofill Verification Codes for Mail

With iOS 17, Apple's Mail app will get a small but important feature. Even if you receive verification codes in the Mail app, your iPhone will now automatically fill them out in Safari.

Autofilling verification codes was limited to Messages prior to iOS 17. As a consequence of this, you won't need to exit Safari in order to locate the verification code, copy it, and then paste it back into it.

iOS 17 Brings Subtle Improvements to the iPhone

In addition to these notable features, iOS 17 offers numerous minor enhancements for everyone. While iOS 17 doesn't appear to be an enormous update, it's as yet one of the main updates for iPhone clients regarding usefulness.

iOS 17 will be released by Apple in the fall of 2023, with a public beta available in July and a developer beta available now. At WWDC 2023, Apple showcased a variety of exciting software and hardware products in addition to iOS.



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