Why People Are Quitting BeReal

  • Why People Are Quitting BeReal

BeReal quickly topped the charts in 2022 and gathered a sizable user following. Everyone seems to start distributing BeReals online at the same time.

However, it doesn't seem to be maintaining its substantial numbers. It had a drop in users in January 2023. So let's investigate. Why are users leaving BeReal?

1. Technical Issues

BeReal has a pretty straightforward idea. It notifies all of its users in a certain time zone at once that it is time to be real. The moment is chosen at random and is subject to change.

After that, you upload a photo with both your front- and back-facing cameras.The image must be taken in two minutes.

Even though it may seem amusing to be surprised by the app at the same moment as your pals, this causes problems. Given that there is no world where it doesn't create lag or crashes, having a complete region open and utilise the app within the same few minutes seems like a strange idea.

The BeReal app frequently crashes as a result. The app can't adequately handle the volume of traffic since it is too high.

Some users have grown tired of having to figure out the problem on their own or of having to close and restart the app in order to use it when they get their daily pop-up.

Having all of your US users open and actively upload on your app at the same time seems like quite the odd thought, doesn't it? It is therefore not surprising that some people have chosen to stop using BeReal.

2. BeReal No Longer Stands Out

BeReal No Longer Stands Out

BeReal was regarded as highly distinctive when it first entered the scene. A creative and entertaining app seemed to have you take a picture with both cameras active at the same time to show what you're doing and yourself doing it.

However, other well-known social media started to add comparable features to their own platforms, as happens with most new features that people like.

TikTok revealed TikTok Now, Snapchat unveiled a dual camera function, and Instagram is exploring a feature akin dubbed Candid Challenges.

Would you choose to stay or leave if BeReal kept catching you at awkward times, kept lagging, or kept crashing on you, and you had other apps where you could enjoy its best feature? The latter is the preference of many users.

3. People Stopped Being Real

What if BeReal notifies you at a moment you'd rather not share with everyone and you receive it? Would you choose not to participate that day and ignore the pop-up? Or would you attempt to be vigilant and organised the entire day in preparation for it? Some people opt to go in that direction.

It's no secret that Instagram users share carefully chosen content that complements their themes and brand image. It's not the only social media app with carefully selected content either.

Only displaying things that have been carefully chosen in advance seems to be the standard. And for that reason, BeReal's debut was so distinctive.

It was an app you could use without giving it any thought, and it was happy to run in the background until it prompted you to use it. It seemed natural and like you were getting a real look into people's lives. And you could do the same with your own without giving it any thought.

However, after time, you began to notice polished photos there as well. It appeared as though the poster was anticipating the ping rather than being merely surprised by it. And if you curate and polish your BeReals, are you truly being authentic?

Reddit users claim that as more individuals try to take the perfect picture, there is more fakery on the app.



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