Will Apple Allow Sideloading Installing Apps From Different Sources?

  • Will Apple Allow Sideloading Installing Apps From Different Sources?

Apple is very strict on installing apps from different sources other than the App Store. And now, it warns those who want to do it once again!

Apple's head continues to ache because the iOS operating system does not open its doors to all applications. As it is known, the company requires that all applications that can be used on iPhone and other devices be downloaded from its own application store, the App Store. However, Apple, which has been under the pressure of both the competition board and application developers for a while, felt the need to make a statement about sideloading. In its new report, Apple said, "If Apple had to support the installation of applications from different sources on its devices, it would be easier for cybercriminals to target users. Installing applications from different sources, even if limited to only 3rd party app stores, poses a great danger and this can lead to a security disaster. When you say "it can open it", it is not considered unfair in a way.

Apple is dealing with lawsuits on this issue

Because when we look at the Android side, we give news about the existence of hundreds of malware-containing applications related to the platform every day. Of course, it is not known how Apple will solve this issue. Because the commissions that the company cuts from application developers are on the back of their neck and they are dealing with lawsuits on this issue.

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