7 Awesome Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time (2023)

  • 7 Awesome Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time (2023)

When it comes to suggesting videos, particularly in terms of ranking, YouTube uses watch-time as a mode of operation. YouTube is the most popular video platform website in the world and has experienced tremendous growth. Influencers, marketers, advertisers, and other figures associated with business now rely heavily on it for their income.

The YouTube platform provides access to millions upon millions of videos. Everyone hopes to have at least one viral video, which can elevate their YouTube channel to elite status. To get the most views and clicks, everyone wants a higher ranking.

That privilege is only available to people whose ranking has increased. Nevertheless, this is not an easy task. It requires planning and effort. This raises the question of how to boost your YouTube ranking by increasing watch time. In the following, we will go over that in greater detail.

What Is YouTube Watch Time?

The amount of time spent watching a video on YouTube is essentially its watch time. It lets you know what viewers like and what draws them in. It also lets you know what they don't like about your content in the event that they never click on it again.

Increase YouTube Watch Time

Increase YouTube Watch Time

First things first: do you have a personal YouTube channel? Do you intend to make money through YouTube? Your possibilities can appear when your channel secures something like 4,000 watch hours in a single year with 1,000 supporters. You will be eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP, if you meet these requirements. This makes it possible for you to get financial support from advertisements.

The real question now is how to increase YouTube watch time in 2023.

The responses to your question are provided below.

Create Quality Content Videos

YouTube was established on February 14, 2005. It is currently the website with the second most visitors worldwide. Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to its platform. Naturally, the competition is brutal and ruthless. Uploading videos that place an emphasis on standard and quality is necessary to increase watchtime.

In this regard, the content is everything. You must empathize with the mindset of your target audience. You need to see yourself through their eyes and consider the kind of content that would entice you to watch the entire video.

The content must be stimulating, effective, and visually appealing. You will create a platform that will rapidly increase your viewership once you have an idea of how you want to present your videos. You can also get information from seasoned YouTubers who know a lot about how the YouTube community works.

First 15 Seconds are Crucial

There is an endless amount of recommended and streamed content on YouTube. A video that passes his page can only be watched for a few seconds by the average YouTube user. if he discovers a brand-new video on your YouTube page.

Keep in mind that he will ask himself the questions listed below.

Do I need to investigate this video?

Should I continue watching it if I click on it?

The first fifteen seconds of your video contain these responses.

If your 15 seconds do not pique the interest of your audience, He will move on to another piece of content as soon as he loses interest. They will leave your video platform as a result. This only serves to significantly shorten your viewing time.

For this reason you really want to guarantee that you make the underlying seconds of your video fascinating and drawing in to the point it catches the watcher's advantage. If you are successful with this strategy, more people will visit your page, eventually increasing your watch time.

Expand Your Subscriber Base

Expand Your Subscriber Base

After you have established your own YouTube presence, the most important thing you can do is to continue growing your subscriber base. Subscribers to your page rise in proportion to the number of viewers you receive. When you upload your videos, this increase in viewers directly increases the amount of time spent watching them.

It can be challenging to increase your subscriber base. Therefore, to expand your subscriber base, employ the following strategies:

Make your videos more visible on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by optimizing your YouTube channel. You will target a particular audience, resulting in organic subscriber growth.

Social proof must be created. Social proof is comparable to your channel's popularity scale. Your channel's impressive subscriber count will be apparent to viewers upon entry. They will subscribe as well, and as a result of their subscription, they will become viewers of your content, increasing your YouTube Watch time.

Select Clickbait Titles & Thumbnails

Select Clickbait Titles & Thumbnails

Your content will be perceived by the viewer based on its title and thumbnail on YouTube. When looking for videos on a particular topic, people will see a long list of titles and thumbnails, which will determine whether they want to watch the video.

You will increase the number of people who subscribe to your channel if your title is well-designed. Similar thumbnail and titles will be prescribed to different watchers who are looking for a similar substance. Because of this, various advertisers looking to make money off of a growing YouTube channel will find your content appealing.

Focus on Audience Retention

Focus on Audience Retention

The average number of times viewers watch a YouTube video is known as audience retention. The audience retention report needs to be closely monitored after your video has been uploaded. You will be able to watch more videos on YouTube as a result of this. Keep your attention on how well your viewers remember each video you upload to your YouTube Page.

You can learn where your viewership is declining and where it is increasing with the help of the Audience Retention report. You can make the necessary adjustments with this information to keep your audience and boost traffic.

You will be able to attract more viewers who are interested in your content if the retention rate of your video is raised, which will raise YouTube Watch Time.

Use Long-Tail YouTube Keywords

Your subscription may benefit from using long-tail YouTube Keywords. Through its use, the intended audience will be able to generate more traffic and extend your viewing time. You will be able to surpass your rivals as a result of this.

There are a plethora of methods for creating content-useful long-tail keywords. However, you can easily acquire them by using YouTube's suggestion feature. Utilize the YouTube search bar to type in the work you understand where your listeners might be coming from is keen on. There, you'll find a list of suggestions for long-tail keywords that you could use in your own content.

You can use any type of content, including advertisements, information, entertainment, and so on. You will receive a plethora of long-tail keyword concepts that you can use in your own YouTube content. As a result, your platform's YouTube Watch Time will eventually rise.

Create Video Playlist

What if you learned that there is a way to increase the amount of time people watch your videos on YouTube even though they haven't?

To elaborate further, you will still receive credit for an increase in watch time if a viewer begins watching your video and moves on to the next video in the playlist. A person's ownership of the playlist's videos is also irrelevant. Regardless, you will receive credit.

Playlists take viewers on a more gradual viewing journey, which has the potential to lengthen the amount of time you spend watching videos on YouTube. To collect all of your videos, you can make various YouTube video playlists.

Check to see that your playlist is sequenced. Make certain that the videos are based on pertinent material. Playlists that get people to watch your videos can bring more people to your videos in a single viewing session. Your visibility rises as a result, as does your YouTube watch time.

If you're a regular YouTube user, you may already know that watch time is an important metric for determining your success. Any potential YouTube influencer's primary goal is to make money or money. YouTube has turned into a wellspring of occupation for some people and endeavors the same.

Different generations have been able to pursue their passions and produce content they enjoy thanks to revenue generation. It might appear to be a daunting task to increase the amount of time watched. However, in the end, it is more than worth it.



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