7 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram and Improve Your Skills

  • 7 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram and Improve Your Skills

It can seem that recording landscapes is as easy as aiming your electronic camera at a hill or field that looks nice and also pushing the shutter button. However, as any kind of skilled landscape digital photographer will certainly tell you, it's much more complicated than that.

Instagram is a handy device for discovering landscape photographers to follow; have a look at these incredible accounts to boost your skills.

1. James Popsys

James Popsys

In enhancement to his popular YouTube network with over 200,000 subscribers, he has a beautiful Instagram page. There, he showcases his landscape shots from Britain as well as further afield.

We can find out a whole lot from James' Instagram web page. The first thing you'll see is that he doesn't necessarily care about capturing vertically; he gladly messages landscape shots with borders around them.

Take into consideration examining out these top landscape digital photography tips as a beginning factor if you desire to come to be an advanced landscape photographer in the future.

2. Mads Peter Iversen

Mads Peter Iversen

Mads Peter Iversen has actually been just one of the most significant landscape photographers on Instagram for some time now, and that acknowledgment is totally deserved. As of September 2023, the Dane has more than one million fans on the platform.

When checking out Mads' photos, it's clear that he's a specialist at recording dramatic shots. You can also get motivation for various photography ideas, such as making use of leading lines.

Iversen is also a master of lights. Many of his Instagram shots feature the sun cutting through his shots to position more of a focus on the main topics.

3. Hugo Korhonen

Hugo Korhonen

Hugo Korhonen is a photographer based in Kuopio, one of the primary cities in the Finnish Lakeland. Honored with stunning landscapes around him, he has actually made the most of that as well as developed his digital photography craft to develop and share stunning images.

If you're trying to find inspiration to photograph the night skies, Hugo's web page is well worth looking into. He's got plenty of images showcasing the Northern Lights, and also you'll see how he's able to catch such vivid greens in his images. On top of that, you can likewise obtain some suggestions for how to mount individuals in your landscape shots.

We have a complete overview on just how to take much better pictures of the evening sky if you want some support prior to marching with your camera.

4. Arnúlfur ( That Icelandic Guy )

Arnúlfur ( That Icelandic Guy )

Arnúlfur goes by the name of That Icelandic Guy on Instagram, YouTube, as well as TikTok. His Instagram page is mainly committed to his homeland of Iceland, though he likewise takes photos across the Nordic area. This includes Sweden, where he currently lives.

Among the very best things about Arnúlfur's web page is that he additionally supplies suggestions as well as tutorials on different technical facets of digital photography. He offers imaginative photoshoot ideas that you can try.

When taking a look at his pictures, you can learn about exactly how to use complementing shades in your own photos. In addition, you'll discover ideas for using representations and incorporating bodies of water-- such as lakes and rivers-- right into your landscape shots.

5. Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson is just one of the best-known British landscape photographers. He has over 400,000 YouTube clients, along with more than 200,000 on Instagram.

One of one of the most striking elements of his Instagram pictures is the way that he utilizes structures from things in nature, such as trees and cliffs. Most of Nigel's photos are additionally taken with a much faster shutter speed, implying that you can get concepts for your own photoshoots if you normally utilize a tripod.

You may desire to consider the many advantages of utilizing a tripod in digital photography if you're not making use of a tripod at the moment. This way, you can possibly improve your landscape shots also better.

6. Julia Kivelä

Julia Kivelä

Julia Kivelä is a Finnish digital photographer, as well as a great deal of her job has actually been included on the Finnish Tourism Board's site. She additionally has an Instagram account devoted to nature photography. Most of her shots are from Finland, however you'll additionally find a handful from various other nations.

The manner in which Julia makes use of lighting to produce a relaxing feeling in her pictures is something that we can also learn from as photographers. It's worth believing regarding the method that she positions individuals in her landscapes. While individuals are an essential element of her images, the bordering landscapes are equally important to the story.

If you haven't yet obtained a lens for your landscape photography ventures, consider taking a look at the most effective focal lengths for exterior photographers.

7. Cody Duncan ( Distant North )

Cody Duncan (Distant North)

Cody Duncan is an American photographer based in Lofoten, an island chain situated over the Arctic Circle in Norway. He has several beneficial sources for vacationers preparing trips in Lofoten, as well as his Instagram web page is a huge source of landscape photography motivation.

When mounting your own pictures, the means that Cody uses representations to record the charm of Lofoten's Landscapes and also hills is something that you can consider. You can also learn exactly how to utilize the various illumination in every period-- also if you live in an area where much of the winter season is dark and cold.

If you're interested in long-exposure digital photography, you can additionally use his Instagram page to determine just how you want the water as well as other elements to look in your pictures. Don't forget these top things to take into consideration when choosing a tripod if you're now persuaded that you desire to purchase a tripod.

Follow These Instagrammers to Improve Your Landscape Photography Skills

When made use of properly, Instagram can be an exceptional tool for aiding you find out more about mounting as well as technological aspects connected to landscape digital photography. You can likewise use the app to find cool locations that you wish to photograph, together with fast tutorials to boost your skills.

Each of these landscape photographers on Instagram has a substantial quantity of value to offer; it's worth taking a look at their web pages.



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