Leveraging Social Media To Grow Your Career In 2023

  • Leveraging Social Media To Grow Your Career In 2023

A recent Robert Half analysis that questioned 2,500 professionals found that almost 46% of them intended to change their career or employment in the first half of the year.

In the post-pandemic job market, young working professionals are increasingly changing jobs. According to a recent Gallup report, 60% of millennials (those between the ages of 27 and 40) are more inclined to explore for new possibilities this year. Non-millennial employees are around 15% less likely to be seeking for work.

A large percentage of Generation Z applicants have also stated that they plan to change jobs this year. Around 65% of Gen Z professionals claimed they are likely to quit their work by the end of the year in a 2022 Lever Great Resignation survey. Furthermore, 13% of them have a twice as high likelihood of quitting their employment in the upcoming month.

In the post-COVID economy, changing jobs frequently has practically become a given, and younger professionals are encouraging this trend by quitting unfulfilling jobs and seeking out better opportunities.

Nevertheless, despite the impending recession, a large number of professionals are moving employment or trying to transfer fields, and many of them have turned to social media to advertise themselves to potential employers.

Using Social Media For Career Growth

Using Social Media For Career Growth

Maintaining professionalism on social media may be challenging. According to almost 70% of employers polled by Harris Poll in 2020, every organisation should monitor applicants' social media during the recruiting process. A work-appropriate social media page should be maintained by all of your present staff, according to 78% of employers.

Social media usage by employees should be taken seriously. Candidates who want to use social media to advance or promote their careers will need to build up a social media plan that can help them get the job they desire, even though the ethical propriety of social media screening during the recruiting process is still up for debate.

Our social media accounts hold a significant portion of our digital identities, and much of what we publish, like, and the people we contact with there may reveal a lot about who we are outside of the job.

Employers and recruiters use these platforms to check for any potential red or green lights that you could bring to the workplace, aside from employees utilising them to expand their networks or explore for career prospects.

The old model of social media has evolved, and it is now a digital ecosystem that links like-minded workers with possible employers.

How To Use Social Media To Boost Career Opportunities

It takes more than just perusing job boards and job postings on LinkedIn and Google to search for a job. When it comes to advancing your profession using social media, you will need to be aware of a few things first. The internet and social media are enormous spaces with seemingly unlimited possibilities.

Have A Social Strategy

Have A Social Strategy

Having a social media plan will speed up your ability to connect with the proper individuals, which may seem unusual at first. The creation of an online persona that reflects both your professional and personal sides should be a part of your social media strategy.

For various relationships or networks, you may utilise various platforms; it all depends on how you position yourself through your brand. Do the kind of content you frequently publish accurately represent who you are as a professional? How frequently do you publish or respond to messages and comments? Is there anything you could change or update to assist you expand your network of contacts?

Start by outlining some first inquiries, then focus on creating a web presence that will attract the attention of like-minded people in the same sector.

Network With Industry Professionals

Reaching out to a business or recruiter via social media is now simpler than ever, and doing so also makes it possible to interact with other experts in your field.

Instead of just sharing thought-provoking stuff or interacting with pals on social media, attempt to expand your professional network. Additionally, it's crucial to interact with these folks, even if it's just by sometimes exchanging a few words.

Be proactive in your quest to meet individuals, and spend some time looking up their profiles to learn more about the kinds of abilities and credentials they may possess. One of the finest methods to move about your field without much effort is by networking.

Grow Your Skills

Grow Your Skills

You may get a better sense of the kinds of talents you would need to build by looking at other people's social media accounts on sites like Twitter, Indeed.com, or even Instagram. This can help you advance and take the next important professional step.

Professionals frequently list their expertise and talents at the top of their social media profiles to make it simpler for recruiters to identify them and for other like-minded professionals to connect with them.

You will have a better notion of where you might need to improve your talents by taking some classes or doing some reading if you compare your abilities to those of many pros already employed in the industry you're interested in.

Advertise Your Expertise

Advertising doesn't always mean creating eye-catching, vibrant digital ads in the hopes that they would catch the attention of a future employer.

Try to share stuff that shows off your knowledge instead, such as blog entries, news stories, market research, or even projects you've worked on. In the bio part of your profile, you may also provide your work title and any relevant experience.

The sooner your feed fills up with related information and other knowledgeable people, the better you will be at conveying your expertise in a polished yet approachable manner.

Update Your Profiles

Regardless of what you use your social media profiles for, this applies to practically all of them. Although it might be difficult to spend so much time uploading photographs or responding to comments, pick a few social media sites you'd want to use and stick to them. People frequently forget social media networks they don't use longer.

Ensure that the platforms you choose to use have a current photo and that any other pertinent personal information, such as your job title, professional experience, and current city, has been updated. You don't have to do this every week; only when necessary, such as after a job change or a move.

The better you curate your social media, the easier it will be for employers and recruiters to notice you as you actively begin to network.

Final Words

Despite the terrible press it has received in recent years, social networking may be a useful tool for business. If you want to advance in your profession, it's vital to constantly maintain a well-groomed online presence, even if it's difficult to predict whether prospective employers or recruiters would check your social media accounts before or during the hiring process.

Think carefully about your choices and the kind of stuff you're sharing. Do not forget to network with like-minded individuals and engage in online discussions with your followers using the knowledge you provide.

Your ability to curate one or two social media channels for business will determine how quickly you can build your network and develop your professional abilities. Don't overthink it; instead, strive for as much balance as you can, as this will assist you to enjoy your time on social media while keeping an engaging yet professional online persona.



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