Who Owns Facebook Now ?

  • Who Owns Facebook Now ?

Now, in general, we can tell you that Facebook's reputation has been damaged in the last step and in recent years, as a result of a series of high profile scandals, actually. However, the shares of the parent company and many others began to lose. In general, he started to re-brand us as Meta, which he believed was an attempt to distance himself from negativity and branded it.

What do you think rebranding is and does it meet the requirements in this case? Let's see who owns Facebook right now we have explained a series of interest questions for you and we bring up the attractive question. Let's take a quick trip down memory lane to understand how we got here, and while we're doing it with you, we're going to answer this question for you.

Who Owns Facebook Now ?

who owns facebook now

Looking at Meta in General, in the statement announcing the brand change, the owner informed us that he clarified that Facebook's corporate structure will remain the same. This means that the same controlling stakes that people have in Facebook and other Facebook will be responsible for Meta, creating a similar world. He has made it clear to everyone. Well, we would like to show you who are the majority shareholders of Facebook who are currently responsible for Meta. Who do you think are?

Let's explain Facebook's share structure, it benefits from other public companies that vote one share and it is different. Facebook has presented its uniqueness for you in terms of notifying that Facebook shares are divided into two classes as “Class A” and “Class B” and having a “dual class” sharing structure that separates them. According to the company's SEC filings, this report has been predicted. Class A shares are called things that regular investors can buy on the stock market or unique shares in which they buy shares, and they come in at one vote per share, which they add to their stock. Primarily, Mark Zuckerberg and a small group of insiders cast 10 votes each of Class B shares, which is owned by the individual to make these situations leap forward with shares.

For example, we will explain to you where mutual funds and other large institutional investors are, who owns a significant amount of Facebook shares and want to know who they are? According to CNN Businessl, mutual funds currently own approximately 46.98% of Facebook's publicly traded shares, adding to the packages of Vanguard Group and Fidelity Management states. Individual Facebook shareholders own less than 2% of the company's total shares.

Bloomberg Tv is actually the only TV channel in the world that wants to reveal it, and states that Zuckerberg owns about 13% or 17% of Meta shares. Despite their low volume, in general these provide him with the necessary majority voting power and authority.

About the latest status from Facebook to Meta

In 2004, all during his Harvard student years, his life changed by coding in college. Then Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes became notorious for founding Facebook, which were the first for facial recognition capabilities, inside the university. The popularity of Facebook has grown rapidly because friends in school have started to use it a lot, even teachers have used it. Then and at the end of 2004, we can say for you that it exceeded one million active users. It's not going to happen anywhere else in the USA, namely in New York, in 2012, and Facebook wanted to apply to become a publicly traded company and found it and its initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $38 or $45 per share; The public offering marked the first steps for the company. We learned by the court that it collected about 16 billion dollars with data data and bank information. In fact, we can say for you that its value is over 100 billion or 200 billion dollars.

A series of serious scandals ensued that quickly followed, Facebook deleting (or trying to delete) the list with a new brand. As told to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as of October 2021 You will now know today as Meta, the parent company of Facebook with the transformation year 2022. Change it again after 10 years, it can never stop.

Of course, we told you the roadmap above with the fault of the facebook owner, this is just a summarized version of Facebook's story. For a more in-depth recap, we asked you to take a look at our coverage on Facebook's evolution into Meta and what it calls the different world.

Why Did Facebook Rebrand to Meta ?

We can tell you that Facebook's rebranding took place because it transcended the identity with which the brand became known in terms of people and in terms of spreading the brand to more people.

The with Facebook's entry into virtual reality with Facebook Metaverse, it has also started eyeglasses trading and company analysis. The company thought that the Meta alias would be a more appropriate identity for its ambitions, as we've seen it thought of before. In fact, we can say it as a planned situation. In Metaverse, even people and users who do not have Facebook accounts will allow them to access the products. An attempt is made to create the only virtual world that can be viewed and enable them to have virtual interaction with others. For this, he generally takes the first step as the founder of Facebook.

Employees on the company's side think that it is worth noting that the social media platform Facebook will also protect its name by keeping the ownership of WhatsApp and Instagram in the foreground. All other Facebook-owned businesses will now plan as subsidiaries of the parent company Meta, in fact they should be set up stage and rank as well.

Zuckerberg Still (Largely) Owns Meta or Facebook

The management of Facebook, or Meta as it is now known, to do for people and take the first step, or infrastructure, will remain unchanged despite the rebranding. Zuckerberg continues to dominate the iron and strong materials on Facebook with a majority of Class B, A shares.

In fact, most of the shares will remain at Facebook until Zuckerberg sells his shares or gains as the stock falters. Meta is actually just a rebranding change but nothing more. Only the name change, actually, we didn't need to raise it in our minds.