Adobe Illustrator Gets Generative AI Update: 6 Exciting New Features to Try

  • Adobe Illustrator Gets Generative AI Update: 6 Exciting New Features to Try

Generative AI models are capable of learning patterns and structures from large datasets and then using that knowledge to generate new examples that are similar in nature to the training data. These models can be used in various domains, such as image generation, text generation, music composition, and even video synthesis.

One of the most well-known examples of generative AI is the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). GANs consist of two neural networks: a generator and a discriminator. The generator generates new samples, such as images, while the discriminator tries to distinguish between the generated samples and real examples from the training data. Through an iterative process, the generator improves its ability to create realistic samples, and the discriminator becomes more proficient at distinguishing between real and generated data.

Generative AI has found applications in a wide range of fields. For instance, in image generation, GANs have been used to create realistic-looking images of objects, faces, and scenes. In natural language processing, generative models have been employed to generate human-like text, write stories, or even engage in conversational interactions.

However, it's important to note that generative AI models may not always produce accurate or reliable outputs. They are highly dependent on the quality and diversity of the training data, and there is always a possibility of generating biased or misleading content. Therefore, careful evaluation and ethical considerations are necessary when working with generative AI systems.

In 2023, Adobe has announced a slew of new tools and features, many of which incorporate artificial intelligence. Adobe has added six new features to Adobe Illustrator, including AI features from Adobe Firefly, in addition to the general announcements made about many of its software. The fate of Adobe Artist is at this moment.

Adobe Illustrator Gets New Features

Adobe announced six brand-new Illustrator features on June 14, 2023. Generative Recolor, the company's most recent AI feature, has generated most of the buzz on the internet; however, the other features that have been announced are unquestionably as exciting.

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In 2023, Adobe has expanded on new AI features with the introduction of Adobe Express Beta and a number of new features to its Creative Cloud software, such as Generative Fill in the Photoshop Beta.

Let's take a look at the six new Adobe Illustrator features.

1. Generative Recolor

Generative Recolor

It was anticipated, but not confirmed, that Adobe's vector recoloring tool would become a feature of Adobe Illustrator after beta testing with Firefly was completed in April 2023. Adobe Illustrator is where you'll find Generative Recolor, a beta tool with a new name.

A look at how to use the vector recoloring tool in Illustrator can be found in our guide to using it. We are certain of one thing: this tool will forever change the game for designers, illustrators, and digital artists. Having a recoloring tool at your disposal will save you so much time.

You can apply the colors to your premade vector graphic by typing a color theme or image into a text prompt. Test colorways, alter branding, or colorize from black and white can all benefit from this.

2. Share for Review

Share for Review

It can be difficult to send files and designs for feedback because creative artists and digital designers frequently collaborate on creative projects or work directly with clients.

With Adobe Artist's Portion for Survey highlight, you can undoubtedly impart your work to other people — regardless of whether they have an Innovative Cloud account. Share your work via a link or invite them directly. For a smoother process, you can change access settings at any time and push updates to the same link.

3. Retype


Retype is a beta tool that allows you to use inspiration from text you find in the wild and bring it directly into your Illustrator projects.

You can import images of text you’ve found or taken and, using Retype, Adobe Illustrator can identify the font type and match it with an Adobe Font that closely resembles it. While it may not always be a perfect match since it only offers Adobe Font choices, it will help in those frustrating moments when you can’t find a font you’ve seen elsewhere.

If you want to add some extra creativity to your fonts, you can use Adobe Firefly’s AI prompt text effect tool or check out some of the native typography tools in Adobe Illustrator.

4. Image Trace Improvements

 Image Trace Improvements

The Image Trace tool in Adobe Illustrator has been improved, giving you more options and better results. Previously, you only had a text title to see how the result might look. Now, you can preview the image trace styles before selecting them.

The auto-detection is new and improved over the previous default trace tool in Image Trace. You will make improved results involving this better element for transforming raster pictures into vectors.

5. PDF Enhancements

PDF Enhancements

PDF documents can be created using Illustrator as well, despite the fact that Adobe InDesign or Canva are commonly used for this purpose. This software's PDF function has been improved by Adobe, allowing you to save PDF presets and have your most popular settings loaded by default.

Your PDFs can also have working hyperlinks added directly to images and text. This lets you give your PDF documents some creative flair while still making them work for all purposes.

6. Layers Search and Filter

 Layers Search and Filter

When creating intricate artwork in Illustrator, you may be confronted with an overwhelming number of layers that can be challenging to navigate. The ability to search and filter your layers in Illustrator now saves you time and frustration when trying to locate a single layer that gets lost in the shuffle.

Search by Text, Shape, Path, and other properties in the search bar. Alternately, you can filter by properties that are similar, by locked or unlocked layers, and by linked or group layers.

Illustrator Improvements Speed Up Your Workflow

Users have been asking for some of these new features from Adobe for a long time. For those who work directly with clients or in larger teams, PDF enhancements and Share for Review are unquestionably game-changers.

The AI Generative Recolor tool and the Retype beta tool are the most significant updates. Each of these will have a positive effect on your creativity. You'll be able to concentrate on idea generation and implementation because you'll save time on tedious design components.



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