Best ChatGPT Plugins for Everyone

  • Best ChatGPT Plugins for Everyone

Adding plugins is a great way to improve a service's functionality. Plugins are extra pieces of code that can be added to software to make it work better and open up new possibilities. Plugins are used to improve the functionality of a lot of well-known services. These incorporate WordPress modules, Google Chrome augmentations, Photoshop modules, and some more.

Plugins are now supported by OpenAI's ChatGPT, and anyone with a subscription to ChatGPT plus can access the Plugin Store and install plugins for ChatGPT. Until now, ChatGPT only provides your responses to the questions and the data. ChatGPT can now search the web, interact with other web series, and serve as an interface for a wide range of services thanks to the introduction of plugins.

You can now use ChatGPT to book a table at the restaurant, make a video from a text prompt, convert text to speech, find a recipe, order the ingredients from Instacart and have them delivered to your home, and do a lot more. There is no end to the possibilities.

There are so many modules currently accessible in the ChatGPT module store. After evaluating some of them, we came up with a list of the 20 or more best ChatGPT plugins, which you can find below. These modules have remarkable abilities and are intended for various errands. There is no specific order to the plugin list. The plugins can be chosen based on your particular requirements and preferences.



LinkReader is a great plugin for quickly summarizing and analyzing content without having to go through the entire file if you want to summarize web pages, documents, PDFs, PPTs, and other types of content. It will save you additional time.

As an understudy, I for one think that it is extremely useful. I summarized the PDFs we gathered for our college mini-project using LinkReader. You can simply activate the LinkReader plugin by pasting the link into the ChatGPT prompt. The module rapidly parses the substance and makes a layout for you. You can grow the discussion by posing explicit inquiries.

The content that can be accessed via the URL can only be processed by the LinkReader plugin. This incorporates website pages, PDF records, PPTs, Word documents, pictures, and modes. The file cannot be uploaded directly.

You can upload a file to cloud storage and specify a URL if you have a local file you want to analyze with the LinkReader plugin. Check to see that these files are online and accessible to the general public.

Overall, LinkReader is an excellent plugin for summarizing and analyzing lengthy documents without having to go through them. It not only saves you time when searching for and analyzing content, but it also provides you with a brief overview of specific subjects. Then again, you can likewise utilize AskyourPDF, another extraordinary ChatGPT module for examining PDFs and different records.



ChatWithVideo is the plugin for you if you want to analyze video content and summarize videos. You can determine a URL, and ChatGPT will then, at that point, utilize the ChatWithVideo module to parse and break down the substance of the video. It quickly divides the conversation into various parts. I used a recent video from MKBHD to test, in which he discusses the most recent Google Project Startline.

Within a very short amount of time, the plugin divides the video into several sections: What is Project Starline, how it works, first impressions, potential applications, and the future are just a few of the questions. The video's summary and content have really impressed me. You can likewise expand the discussion by posing more inquiries about a similar video, similar to when Task Starline will send off and that's just the beginning.

I used a video comparison between the iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 to determine which device is faster when watching the video to see how this plugin works in practice. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S23 comes out on top. After watching the video for myself, I discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S23 comes out on top. Additionally, the plugin provides a comprehensive explanation that addresses each video point.

If you're a student or need an answer quickly without having to watch long videos, this can be especially helpful. Even though the accuracy isn't always perfect, it's still a great addition.



Open Table is quite possibly the earliest organization to use the abilities of ChatGPT and present the OpenTable ChatGPT module. You won't have to go to the restaurant's website to book a table thanks to this plugin. The ChatGPT itself goes about as a point of interaction, and you can undoubtedly book your preferred table with basic text prompts.

You can enter Palce, the number of people, the time, the day, and other details. The plugin fetches the best tables for you automatically and includes a link to book a table. You can tap on the connection and go to the open table site and immediately book the table.

The OpenTable ChatGPT plugin can help you locate the ideal table in a shorter amount of time. With the straightforward text prompts, you can track down the right table counterpart for your dinner. Furthermore, you might extend the discussions, similar to the quantity of tables accessible, additional schedule openings, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.



Through a mobile app or website, Instacart is an online grocery delivery and pickup service that lets customers order groceries and other household goods from local stores. You can now order groceries directly from the ChatGPT website with the new Instacart ChatGPT plugin. Simply enter the fixings, and the ChatGPT Instamart module will consequently track down the fixings on Instacart and add them to the truck. Simply go to the page and place your order there.

If you want to try recipes directly from ChatGPT, this is especially helpful. The plugin uses the Instacart plugin to find, order, and add the necessary ingredients to your shopping cart automatically. You won't have to search for and order the ingredients by hand because of this. The ChatGPT Instacart plugin can be a great way to find new recipes and order them online for you if you're a foodie or like to try new recipes at home.

Playlist AI

Playlist AI

Relax. You are sick of manually creating your own Spotify playlist. Presently another ChatGPT module called Playlist computer based intelligence can make a Spotify playlist for you with straightforward directions. Install the plugin only. We have shared how to introduce the ChatGPT modules with definite strides in a different article and furthermore beneath this article.

Connect your Spotify account after the plugin has been installed. Now, type the prompt for the playlist you want to make into the box. For instance: create a Dua Lipa playlist for Spotify. All of Dua Lipa's songs will be included in a Spotify playlist that is automatically created by the plugin. The number of songs, duration, and even length of the songs, as well as their genre and type, are all customizable options. The controls are all in your grasp.

Other well-known music streaming services might also be added to the plugin's support list. However, at this time, you can only make playlists on Spotify. This plugin is for you if you're looking for a simple way to make playlists.



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