Best smart lights for Google Home

  • Best smart lights for Google Home

Once installed, these smart lights work well with Google Home, allowing you to control all of your connected devices from a single location and provide Google Assistant hands-free commands.

If you want to manage all of your house lighting from one place and have lights from many manufacturers, Google house is an excellent platform to use. Google Home may issue numerous instructions simultaneously by using Routines, such as turning on, off, dimming, or changing the colour of the lights in specific rooms.

Philips Hue

One of the most well-liked solutions for smart lighting is still Philips Hue. You may use Google Home to give orders to dim, schedule, and group lights into rooms, with a central hub managing a house full of bulbs. Philips Hue has cutting-edge capabilities like PC sync and music that can really make your house come to life. Hue offers a wide range of lighting alternatives, such as lightstrips, corner fill lights, and outdoor bulbs, if you wish to increase your lighting.

Nanoleaf Shapes

Wall panels made of nanoleaf have earned a reputation as a recognisable backdrop for Twitch streamers worldwide. You'll understand why once you install them in your house. With the help of these modular panels, you can create an infinite variety of patterns, animate them using colours, use touch sensitivity on the tiles themselves to initiate events, and sync them with music or television programmes that are now playing on your PC.

GE Lighting Cync

GE Lighting Cync

The GE Cync series of lights is Made for Google certified, guaranteeing a hassle-free, hubless installation and regular operation. To install the light, you don't even need a native GE app; just head over to Google Home. Once everything is set up, you have complete remote control over the lights and can also use Google Home or Android smartphones to voice-control the bulb.

Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Kasa bulbs continue to be a fine budget option for those looking to modernize their home lighting without breaking the bank. With Google Home, you can group these light bulbs together, set schedules, and enjoy full voice control either with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With 800 lumens of brightness and a color range from 2,500K and 6,500K, you can count on having all your lighting bases covered.

Lifx Candle Smart Bulb

Lifx Candle Smart Bulb

This Lifx Candle is an intriguing option for Google Home users thanks to a number of cool features. It's a more compact bulb that works well in lamps and other comparable locations because it can fit in smaller settings. You can select two distinct colour temperatures because it is a "double-diffuser," which will make the flame appear more realistic. Additionally, it has a flicker mode that allows it to simulate a large candle without the use of a bridge. Although a multicoloured version is also offered, this one accurately simulates a candle.

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 3-Pack (Matter Enabled)

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 3-Pack

In addition to producing LED strips and triangles, Nanoleaf also makes a great selection of coloured LED smart bulbs that are capable of producing a virtually infinite range of hues. The most recent Essentials A19 model includes complete Matter support, enabling them to function well with devices outside of the Google Home environment. Naturally, they're also made with native compatibility for Google's smart home ecosystem, so you can start using them as soon as you open the box. Although they are slightly more expensive than comparable smart lights, their dependability and performance are difficult to match.



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