Meta to introduce AI agents to ‘billions of people’

  • Meta to introduce AI agents to ‘billions of people’

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg said that recent advances in artificial technology present an “opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of people in ways that will be useful and meaningful.”

His remarks served as a reminder to investors that Meta is committed to competing with OpenAI, which is sponsored by Microsoft, and Google in the development of generative AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard, which have attracted a lot of interest lately.

As Microsoft and Google began incorporating AI technology into their web services, Zuckerberg was eager to inform investors that comparable capabilities created by Meta will "touch every single one of our products" and be helpful for "regular people, creators, and businesses."

The co-founder of Facebook gave the example of how "tens of millions of AI agents" employed by businesses may improve customer service interactions, leading to "way more businesses that can afford to have people engaging in chat."

Mark Zuckerberg

The head of Meta stated that despite recent reports indicating a move towards AI, his organization is still committed to building the metaverse.

Just a few months ago, Zuckerberg said that Meta was consolidating its AI teams as part of a structural restructuring meant to "turbocharge" its efforts in that field.

They also come after significant changes at Meta, where more than 20,000 positions have been lost recently. Zuckerberg had previously declared 2023 to be the "year of efficiency."

On Wednesday, Meta revealed $28.6 billion in revenue for the January-to-March 31 period. Profit was $5.7 billion, which was a 24 percent decline from the same time previous year.

The AI agents will be powered by the company's AI technology, which is designed to understand natural language and context. This means that users will be able to ask questions or make requests in a conversational style, and the AI agent will be able to interpret their meaning and provide a relevant response.

Meta believes that the introduction of AI agents will make the social media platform more useful and engaging for users, as well as helping to reduce the workload for human customer service representatives. The company also hopes that the agents will help to drive increased engagement and revenue by providing users with more personalized and relevant content.

However, there are concerns that the introduction of AI agents could have negative consequences, such as the potential for users to become overly reliant on them and lose the ability to think for themselves. There are also concerns around data privacy and security, as the agents will be gathering and processing large amounts of user data in order to provide personalized assistance.

Meta has said that it will take steps to ensure that user data is protected and that users are fully informed about how their data is being used. The company has also said that it will work with regulators to address any concerns around the use of AI technology.

Overall, the introduction of AI agents to the social media platform represents a significant shift in the way that users interact with the platform. It has the potential to provide users with more personalized and relevant content, as well as making the platform more useful and engaging. However, it is important that the introduction of AI agents is done in a responsible and transparent manner, with user privacy and data protection at the forefront of the company's priorities.



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