Roomba vs. Roborock: Which smart vacuum is better?

  • Roomba vs. Roborock: Which smart vacuum is better?

Robot vacuums from these two manufacturers are always simple to recommend because they have cutting-edge smart technology, effective cleaning capabilities, and the capacity to empty their own dustbins. The sheer number of options available in 2023, though, could make it difficult to evaluate vehicles between the two brands.

Are you attempting to decide between Roomba and Roborock when looking for the best robot vacuum for your home? Here is a detailed analysis of the two businesses to assist you in making the best choice.


The rounded shapes of Roombas and Roborocks seem quite similar when placed side by side. Both of them feature replaceable air filtration filters, rubber brushes, and automatic adjustments for uneven surfaces. There are a couple of distinctions worth pointing out, though. Roomba has more versions with side brushes and a flattened front (like the S9 series) to help clean baseboards and corners more effectively, while Roborock has more hybrid models with added mopping capabilities (more on this below). In general, the Roomba designs are a little bit more robust and adaptable in the typical home.

Winner: Roomba

Available models

There are three different iRobot series: the S9 line, the j7 line, and the i3 line. There are older versions, but not many are in circulation anymore.

The S8, S7, Q7, and E5 are only a few of the series offered by Roborock (you can see how it may be simple to mix up these two brands during consumer research).

Despite the similarity of these lines, Roborock offers a lot of choices. In general, Roborock offers a larger variety of robot vacuums, giving you more options and a higher opportunity to pick the one that's ideal for you.

Winner: Roborock

Battery life

Battery life

The most advanced Roomba models claim a battery life of up to two hours (depending on the modes utilized and other factors), and the majority of models can come back to their base stations and charge up again before carrying out their cleaning tasks once more. Because of this, battery life is no longer as important as it previously was, but it can still be important for navigating extremely big spaces or limiting wear and tear.

Although the batteries in different Roborock vacuums can last up to 200 minutes (again, this can vary depending on cleaning modes), most of them use larger batteries. Roborock models frequently have the option to recharge at their stations when necessary, but generally speaking, they can operate longer on the floor on a single charge.

Winner: Roborock

Cleaning power

Let's discuss suction! A robot vacuum's ability to remove larger pieces of trash and clean carpets thoroughly depends on its level of suction. Although Roombas appear to have a suction rating that tops out at roughly 2,500Pa, iRobot claims that their newest vacuums are 40x more powerful than their first models.

Additionally, several Roborock models have a 2,500Pa suction rating. The S8 Pro Ultra, the newest flagship model from Roborock, has a maximum suction pressure of a staggering 6,000 Pa, which should be more than enough to remove all the trash that is hiding in your carpets.

Winner: Roborock

Smart features

Smart features

Both Hoover companies have sensors-filled bots and applications with a tonne of features. Roombas scan, identify, and name the rooms throughout your house using Imprint Smart Mapping. If there is a specific mess that needs to be cleaned up, you can direct floor plans and schedule individual room cleanings as you see fit. Additionally, you can place barriers around specific pieces of furniture or rugs that the Roomba should avoid (Roombas will automatically avoid stairs and other drop places). With dirt detection, more recent models can determine when a place is dirtier and enhance cleaning power. Over time, the app may potentially offer advice on when and how to clean. Additionally, Roombas may automatically empty their bins with the correct base station, saving you from having to take out the garbage for days on end. And for auditory commands, Roombas are compatible with voice services like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Roborocks are extremely intelligent creatures that employ adaptive route algorithms and lidar technologies to map out rooms. Via the app, you have complete control over everything from constructing invisible borders to instructing the hoover to stay away from certain areas while you set schedules and suction force. You don't need to worry about watching them as closely because the majority of Roborock models have the capability to go back to their stations and empty their bins. Additionally, they support Google Home and Alexa voice commands.

While much of this smart technology offers consumers similar advantages, Roomba models sometimes come with a few extra features, such as spot cleaning and filth recognition, that push them just a little bit farther.

Winner: Roomba

Conclusion: Which robot vacuum brand is best?

Roborock is truly amazing with its possible power levels and the frequent fusion of suction and sonic mop vibration, even if Roomba still has smart technology that is superior. There's a reason why Roborock's most recent technology has previously impressed us.

The vacuum's internal components are ultimately more significant than its exterior logo. We advise browsing both catalogs to see which robot vacuums grab your attention because Roborock and Roomba now make robot vacuums with a wide range of price tags and practically all of them are constructed to good standards.



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