The best air quality monitors

  • The best air quality monitors

Your home has undoubtedly occasionally played host to microscopic contaminants against your will. The best air quality monitors will continuously measure the many types of allergens in your air, record the data, and even turn on your air purifier to fight off microbiological pests in your house.

Vaporised organic compounds (VOCs) and fine particles are two typical indoor air contaminants. Smaller than 2.5 micrometres in diameter, fine particles are unseen irritants that can be dangerous for people with respiratory disorders. VOCs are invisible gases and vapours that are frequently produced when fuels like petrol and wood-burning stoves are burned. Although the best air purifiers available will do wonders to eliminate these imperceptible irritants, most purifiers lack the capability to identify and assess the contaminants circling your home. An air quality monitor does that.

Temtop M10 Air Quality Monitor

Temtop M10 Air Quality Monitor

The M10 scans the adjacent air for small particles, HCHO (formaldehyde), and VOCs produced by common household cleaners, paints, and various fuel-burning appliances using a combination of laser-measuring technology and pollutant-balancing algorithms. An integrated alarm will ring when the M10 detects an excess of any harmful pollutant, alerting you that it's time to open a window or replace the filter in your HVAC system.

One of our favourite aspects of the M10 is how portable and unobtrusive it is, which is something we value highly. The monitor, which has a rechargeable 2,200 mAh battery, is made for simple grab-and-go analyses. Take a reading of the air inside your house, your automobile, or even the open air. The Temptop M10 metre has only one power button and can operate for up to 6 hours on a single battery.

Airthings Wave Plus

Airthings Wave Plus

Most dwellings contain radon, an odourless natural gas, albeit at manageable amounts. However, persistent radon exposure can cause major respiratory problems, such as lung cancer. Because radon should not be taken lightly, the Airthings Wave Plus is useful.

This smart monitor does a deep scan of your home’s air for not just radon, but temperature, humidity, C02, VOCs, as well as overall air pressure, a category that no other monitor on this list is capable of detecting. Once the Wave is powered, using it is as simple as literally waving your hand in front of the meter for color-coded air quality readings. Green is all-good, yellow is a warning, and red means there are dangerous levels of radon or other airborne toxins in proximity. It takes about a week for the monitor to get properly acclimated to your home’s environment.

Be aware that the Airthings Wave Plus uses Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, to sync data to your phone, so download the Wave app (available for iOS and Android) to get the most recent readings on your phone. This implies that in order to gather the most recent air quality readings, you must be inside your home or extremely close to it.

Eve Home

Eve Home

The Eve Home is the perfect choice if minimalism is what you're after. The Eve is one of our list's most powerful rechargeable devices and is both sleek and portable. Expect a single charge to last up to 6 weeks. Just attach any common USB cord to your Eve when the battery is low. Even the wire from your old iPhone will work.

The Eve Home monitors for overall air quality, temperature, and humidity and stores its collected data into detailed hour, day, week, month, and year graphs that you can access through the Eve app (iOS and Android). The actual monitor will rate the air on a 5-star scale. Keeping above 3 stars is what you want to shoot for. And, speaking of Home, the Eve is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Once you’ve added Eve to your Apple smart home, the monitor can automatically trigger purifiers and other web-connected air-filtering appliances when air-in-proximity is too contaminated.

Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor

In our assessment, this monitor ranks among our favourites purely on the basis of appearance. The Awair Element may be easily added to any area of your house or office because it is only 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

The five main air categories that The Element monitors and reports on are fine particles, VOCs, temperature, humidity, and CO2. The Awair app (available for iOS and Android) stores readings for each category and displays them on the monitor along with suggestions and guidance on how to reduce your stuffy air. Using Alexa and Google Home will give you even more control over your air.

Through a web-based communication system, Awair detects a dip in air quality and promptly instructs thermostats and purifiers to circulate air around your home.



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