The best smart locks for 2023

  • The best smart locks for 2023

These adaptable devices provide all the functionality of conventional locks plus extras like the ability to remotely lock your door, create guest passwords, or unlock your door alone with your fingerprints.

Additionally, they have much more attractive designs than conventional locks and are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes to fit every style of home. With more smart locks being accessible to consumers over time, it may become difficult to go through the selection and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Thankfully, there will be several excellent smart locks available in 2023. Additionally, it's difficult to make a mistake when purchasing well-known brands like Wyze, Yale, August, or Schalge. However, if you need some assistance in your search, here is a look at the top smart locks for every price range.

You may also check at the most recent home security camera discounts if you want to add smarts to other places of your house. Whichever option you decide on, you might be surprised by what else they're capable of.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

With its ability to work remotely without a bridge, the fourth-generation August Smart Lock breaks away from the limitations of its forerunners. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock connects to your home's wireless network without the use of a bridge or any extra gear since it has a built-in Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, it's among the easiest smart locks to install and configure. Additionally, it can keep your current lock, so you won't need new keys. It's interesting that the business has managed to reduce the size of the lock overall while including the Wi-Fi connection. It is a stylish tiny lock that is 45% less in volume and 20% thinner. It is made of silver or matte black plastic.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri in addition to utilising the app to control the lock remotely. Consequently, it easily integrates with the majority of smart home platforms. Additionally, it has some cutting-edge features that distinguish it as a premium product, including virtual keys that operate according to a schedule and automatic lock/unlock as you enter or leave your home. Read our in-depth evaluation of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

Level Touch

Level Touch

Few smart locks are compatible with Apple's HomeKit. The Level Lock Touch, however, is the finest option for Apple's smart home platform:

It has an unusual design for a smart lock, to start. The interior of the door's lock is not covered by a similarly large component, nor are there any large keypads present. The Level Lock Touch, on the other hand, has the appearance and design of a standard lock and looks like any other lock. The Level Lock Touch's ability to be operated by tapping on the keyhole housing or by using the supplied NFC-enabled keycards is another cool feature of the smart lock.

You may ask Siri on your iOS iPhone or HomePod speaker to unlock the door after it is connected to HomeKit. Because it creates a geofence around your house using the GPS on your iPhone, it will also unlock itself automatically. The Level Lock Touch is the ideal lock for HomeKit thanks to all of these features. Check out our comprehensive Level Lock Touch review.

Schlage Encode Plus

Schlage Encode Plus

Long before there was such a thing as a smart lock, Schlage has been around for a while. But Schlage has since developed into one of the industry's top manufacturers of smart locks. Along with being a stunning piece of hardware, the Schlage Encode Plus also integrates effectively with Alexa and a variety of other third-party programmes, such as Amazon's Cloud Cam, Key by Amazon, and Ring security systems. Additionally, it works with the Schlage Home app.

Lockly Vision Elite

Lockly Vision Elite

With the Vision, Lockly already had a fantastic product, but its successor model goes much farther. The Lockly Vision Elite includes all the features that Airbnb hosts desire, including the ability to open through fingerprint, pin code, or even a phone.

When visitors do intend to remain at your house or Airbnb property, they may be handed temporary key codes to enter on the touchscreen keypad when they get there. These key numbers can even be made time-sensitive for further protection. You can have another set of codes ready for the following visitor once their stay is over.

The software keeps track of everything and can inform you how the lock was opened, including if a key was used in the traditional manner. The Lockly Vision Elite's built-in video camera, which enables it to function a lot like a video doorbell camera, adds to its allure. Additionally, an integrated solar panel aids in long-term lithium-ion battery charging.



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